Although some people may find the flavour to be excessively rich, sweet, or frosty, these are some of the greatest flavours available for Zero Nic vapes.

Smokers may gradually wean themselves off of nicotine with the ELF BAR Zero and yet enjoy the mouthwatering flavour of smoked goods. E-Liquid with a 0% nicotine content may fit in 2 ml of the ELF Bar. A smooth mouth-to-lung pull is a characteristic of each ELF Bar Disposable, which comes with one (1) gadget per box. All of these characteristics allow the ELF Bar to outperform its rivals in terms of battery and e-liquid capacity and flavour selection.

The new Elf Bar Zero Nicotine will be examined in this review. How do they manage to stand alone? How do they contrast with the 5% (50mg) Nicotine variants of Elf Bar?


Technically, the 5% Nic BC5000 equivalents and Elf Bar zero are identical. They come in colourful two-tone tones that meld approximately halfway up the gadget. The gadget is 3 12" × 1 12" and is roughly the thickness of a business card (about as thick as a roll of dimes). While completing other tasks, it is simple to palm and carry. The tablet feels cosy and soft in your hands because of the rounded edges, which also provide a little roughness. A few of these will fit comfortably in your pocket or bag.


  • Capacity: 13 ml of Vape Juice
  • Nicotine Strength: 0% (Nicotine Free)
  • 5000 Puffs
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Rechargeable (Cable not included)
  • Flavours: 8 Nicotine Free Options


I chose each 5% Nicotine version of each Elf Bar for comparison after using the eight Zero Nic Elf Bar vape flavours that were given for evaluation. Compared to their nicotine-loaded competitors, the Elf Bar Zero tastes are often sweeter and more delicious. Elf Bar did a terrific job, in my opinion, with the Zero Nic tastes.

If you were Elf Bar and wanted to develop a taste, you would need to consider whether to add or exclude the nicotine flavour from the formula. The taste character of the two disposables is substantially altered by this addition or removal.

You won't need a masking flavour if you haven't included nicotine taste to the formula. Both may be left out without significantly affecting flavour. Elf Bar's Zero Nic formulation successfully captured the flavour of their 5% Nic juice. Since nic strength/flavor is a crucial component of the finished taste, it must have been difficult to get those flavours without using any nicotine. I admire how near these Zero Nic versions came.


Strawberry Mango Elf Bar – This e-liquid has a lovely strawberry mango flavour. The flavour is that of genuine candied fruit. There are two flavours available: strawberry & mango.Zero tastes better because neither option was too iced, which lets the sweet, candied strawberry flavours stand out. The pleasant fruit tastes shine out without nicotine.

Compared to the Nic Version: To more effectively hide the taste of the nicotine, I hoped the 5% Nic version had a bit more ice. I hoped I couldn't taste the nicotine tastes in the 5% version after enjoying the fruit flavours in the zero-nicotine version (compared to the Zero).

Rainbow Candy Elf Bar – Without the nicotine to balance it out, this flavour was VERY sweet. This is an illustration of how to perfectly balance taste and nicotine. I wish there had been less sugar because they are nicotine-free.

Compared to Nic Version: Even though the Zero is fruitier and sweeter overall, the flavour doesn't really pop without the sting of nicotine. Purely on the basis of taste, I much like the Nic version due to the nuanced addition of nicotine flavour.

Strawberry Kiwi Elf Bar – I liked both gadgets' flavours equally. The Zero and Nic variants of this taste both successfully convey the strawberry and kiwi candied fruit flavours.

Compared to the 5% Nic Version: The sweet strawberry and delicious kiwi tastes in the Zero stood on its own, but the nicotine gave the flavour profile additional depth and complexity.

Cranberry Grape Elf Bar – Another taste that works well both with and without nicotine is cranberry grape elf bars. The only flavours present are fruit and sweetness with a medium-ice finish, resulting in a pleasant and fruity aftertaste. With a little ice in the Zero, the grape-flavored fruit and the cranberry tastes are easier to distinguish.

Compared to the 5% Nic Version: In addition to additional ice on the inhale and exhale, the nicotine version delivers a nicotine punch. The ice has been added to cover up the nicotine but the fruit tastes stay the same. It tastes just as good as the Zero.

Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar – I don't often like Blue Razz Ice. Typically, they don't taste like either raspberries or blueberries. Vaping the Zero Blue Razz Ice was enjoyable. This vapour is delicious and pleasant without the need for additional ice or nicotine taste to cover it up. I was able to understand what those Nic versions were aiming at thanks to the Zero.

Compared to the 5% Nic Version: To cover up the nicotine flavour in the Nic version, additional ice was required. Since there is no nicotine in the Zero, you may experience more pleasant fruit tastes.

Peach Mango Watermelon Elf Bar – The flavour is sweet and delicious. In order of appearance, the mango appears later in the puff after the strawberry and watermelon. Enough ice is there to help the flavours stand out and to chill the exhale. For flavour, I preferred the Zero version more.

Compared to the 5% Nic Version: There is less ice in the 5% Nic version than in the Zero. That is regrettable. Because there isn't enough ice to make up for the nicotine taste's little reduction of the fruit flavour, the flavour of the nicotine version is less enjoyable. The Zero flavours are rich and delicious, similar to some of the other fruity tastes in this collection, while the Nic flavour is a touch blander in flavour.

Watermelon Ice Elf Bar– This fruity vape has excellent flavour. The three fruits combine to create a vape that is very (EXTREMELY) sweet. Rich tastes are left on the tongue between puffs, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Compared to the 5% Nic Version: However, without additional ice to make up for the nicotine's ability to cut through the flavour and slightly flatten the sweetness, the Nic version tastes weak in comparison to the Zero.

Tropical Rainbow Blast Elf Bar – The Tropical Rainbow Blast comes in two delicious candied fruit tastes. According to Elf Bar's description, its flavour is similar to a delicious, fruity candy with wild berries. I concur; I taste delicious cherries, pineapple, and ice with the Zero. It tastes good and is sweet and frosty.

Compared to the 5% Nic Version: Compared to the Nic version, which I believe enables the nicotine to hijack the fruity flavour profile without making up for it with more ice, the Zero flavours are, in my opinion, rich and true. When I frequently vape the two items back-to-back, I discover that while I enjoy the flavours of the Zeros, I miss the nicotine hit of the Nic version.

Wrapping It Up

Elf Bar zero tastes often have a medium quantity of ice on the exhale and are sweet, candied fruit flavours. They reproduced many of their most well-liked treats in a disposable vaporizer with no nicotine. The flavours of the Elf Bar BC5000 5% nicotine dosage are incredibly popular among vapers. Elf Bar fans who choose not to vape with nicotine will enjoy how faithfully the company recreated some of their best-selling flavours in Zero nicotine variations that are just as excellent as the originals.

These Elf Bar Zero Nic vapes are more flavorful, richer, and icier than their BC5000 counterparts with 5% Nic. Although some people may find the flavour to be excessively rich, sweet, or frosty, these are some of the greatest flavours available for Zero Nic vapes.

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