All About Vape Drip Tips: Fitment, Advantages and Information

Our drip tips (excluding RDA top caps and tank-specific drip tips) use the industry-standard "drip tip 510" fitting, measuring approximately 8.5mm in diameter across the base
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If you're looking for another way to try to improve your vaping experience, you've come to the right place. Drip Tip article will tell you everything you need to know about drip tips and why you should give them a shot; they're reasonably inexpensive, so why not?

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Vape Drip Tip Fitment 

Our drip tips (excluding RDA top caps and tank-specific drip tips) use the industry-standard "Drip Tip 510" fitting, measuring approximately 8.5mm in diameter across the base.

If your current drip tip measures exactly, or very near to, 8.5mm in diameter across its base, it is most likely 510 drip tips and our drip tips will fit your tank.

We also provide a variety of 810 drip tips. These are 1/2" (12.7mm) in diameter at the drip tip base. Most tanks on the market use a 510 or 810 Drip Tip.

However, some tanks on the market require special-size drip tips, which we have available in the "tank specific" area of our website. As the tanks' popularity grows, we will expand our selection of drip tips.

What is a "dripper"?

A drip tip effectively transforms your vape into a dripping device; simply attach the drip tip to your vape atomizer, eliminating the need for a tank. As with other e-cigarette peripherals, you get what you pay for, and the quality of your vape drip will depend on how much you spend. Higher-quality vape drips will be made of metal, but lower-cost vape drips will be composed of cheap plastic, which will not last very long and will not be as clean.

Longer stems will cool your vapor if you do not like a warm vapor, however, shorter vape drips will have the opposite impact and heat the vapor, which is ideal if you like a warmer dose. Drip tips are an excellent way to get started with dripping without spending a lot of money on a new RDA. You can only use a drip tip if you have a vape device with a removable mouthpiece since the drip tip will fit where the mouthpiece is; if your device has a mouthpiece connected, you cannot use a drip tip. 

How To Use A Vape Drip Tip

Drip Tips are far easier to use than traditional dripping systems. All you have to do is lay the drip tip over the atomizer. This connects your mouthpiece to the cotton coil wick within your vape; keep in mind that this is only possible if your device allows you to change the mouthpiece.

Drop a small amount of liquid into the mouthpiece; the hardest part is keeping the coil saturated, so take your time supplying the liquid. If you don't add enough liquid, the wick will burn; if you add too much, the wick will overflow, requiring you to clear your tank of all the sticky liquid. 

Advantages of Drip Tips

  • They are reasonably priced if you want an average drip tip, but you can pay a bit more for a higher-grade metal drip tip.
  • The flavor of your liquid will be significantly improved depending on how effectively you apply the juice to the coil.
  • Switching between flavors is considerably easier, but make sure to consume all of the liquid in the coil first; then, simply add another and continue vaping.

Drip Tip Information

Vape Drip Tip are the mouthpieces at the end of electronic cigarettes.

Many people believe that changing your drip tip is solely for aesthetic reasons, personal preference, or to match your mod or tank. However, a narrower tip can result in a more concentrated, stronger flavor. Alternatively, a wide bore drip tip can aid enhance airflow, resulting in more vapor. Most folks are amazed by how much of a difference they can make to their vape.

Another thing not to overlook is how they feel between your lips. Using a nice-feeling drip tip can make your vaping experience more enjoyable. 

From an industrial, cold-feeling stainless steel drip tip to acrylic ones that you can chomp on while vaping, PTFE and POM drip tips that assist in dissipating heat, and bendy PVC ones suitable for driving (Have you ever smacked your teeth while smoking and driving? 

Please check through our extensive selection of drip tips by clicking on the variations at the top of this page to see which ones appeal to you. We've also supplied dimensions to assist you. Some of our drip tips are fairly huge, so double-check the dimensions to avoid surprises.


Is each drip tip the same size?

A drip tip, often known as a mouthpiece, is a component for vaping devices that connects directly to the atomizer. It's a hollow tube that you can inhale through your e-cigarette. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common sizes of drip tips are 510 and 810 drip tips.

How does one clean a drip tip?

A quick rinse under a warm tap will make it look brand new in no time. If it's exceptionally unclean or you want a more thorough deep clean, soak the drip tips in warm water with a small amount of washing-up liquid.

Are drip tips universal?

Most tanks on the market use a 510 Drip Tips or 810 drip tip. However, some tanks on the market require special-size drip tips, which we have available in the "tank specific" area of our website.

What material is best for drip tips?

Carbon fibre. These are high-quality, long-lasting tips made of carbon fibre (or graphite fibre), which has great stiffness and tensile strength while being extremely lightweight. Furthermore, it is an excellent insulator with great chemical resistance and heat tolerance, making it perfect for vaping applications.

How do drip tips adapt?

Another adaptation plants have made to efficiently shed water is to create leaves with 'drip tips. This design keeps water from accumulating on leaves. Examine the shape of the leaves on the plants surrounding you. If possible, and after consulting with an adult, carefully pour water over the plant and observe where it goes.

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