Air Bar Max Will Sort You Over Discrete and Simple Vaping

Air Bar Max has 20 flavors to vape with. Beginning from fruity options to milkshakes and many more down the line. 
Air Bar Max Will Sort You Over Discrete and Simple Vaping

The vaping industry is flooded with distinguishing vapes that make flavored nicotine puffing safer, comfortable, and overall auxiliary. One of these is the luxurious Air Bar Max that can get you through the perfect vaping. With this pod, you will have all you need and once you are done, you can just dispose of it and move on to the next one without any frets. If you like to vape with disposables and still haven't tried this pod mod then it is time that you should now. Let's explain to you why we say this…

The List of Flavors surpasses the rest

Air Bar Max has 20 flavors to vape with. Beginning from fruity options to milkshakes and many more down the line. You are definitely going to find the perfect taste match to enhance your throat hits with a taste of your choice. Following are the flavors of Air Bar Max-

  •   Black Currant
  •   Banana Ice
  •   Shake Shake
  •   Grape Ice
  •   Mixed Berries
  •   Watermelon Ice
  •   Triple Shake
  •   Blueberry Ice
  •   Blueberry Pomegranate Ice
  •   Blueberry Raspberry
  •   Coconut Grove
  •   Cranberry Lemonade Ice
  •   Raspberry Watermelon
  •   Strawberry Mango
  •   Strawberry Watermelon
  •   Watermelon Apple Ice
  •   Raspberry Grapefruit
  •   Sunset Cocktail

Other Advantages of Air Bar Max

#1 The vape juice has been perfected to a level beyond imagination. Holding the nicotine strength of 5% per the weight juice of 6.5ml in each system, the Vegetable glycerine and propyl glycol have been blended with a fine proportion of 70:30. The tastes are utterly refreshing and uniquely imbued. Below is the description of every flavor...

#2 The best part about this vape is that it falls within the highest scale of puff size that has been innovated till now in disposable vapes. The disposable usability of this unit gives the vaper ease of vaping which demands just ripping off and puffing.

#3 Based on the automatic light-up functioning, this device demands just one step and is thus easy at travels and short sneak times at offices. The most suitable for people who are on a continuous move!

#4 The dynamic battery of 1250mAh is so hi-tech build-up that you don't have to worry about the explosions and heatings.

#5 With every pull, flashes a white bright colored light

WARNING: We do not condone underage vaping! This article is for 21+ adults!

Can Air Mar Max support DL vape?

It has an easy screw-on mouthpiece that does give vaper leverage to vape Direct to Lung but it might feel restricted to those who are used to vaping with sub-ohm tanks. But for MTL vapers, this is an ideal disposable pod mod.

Is it safe to vape with Air Bar Max?

Air Bar Max is safe to vape because its chassis has been designed with no space for leakage. Ensure that you order a genuine device to secure the safety of vaping with it.

The Last Words

Air Bar Max Disposable Vape is a complete package of portable vapes that comes with an awesome band of taste on the tongue and colorful appeal. Those who are always on the move, be it because of traveling or due to the constant movement for official purposes are going to find this vape a blessing in disguise! Just rip off and begin to inhale the nicotine hits. It won't bother you with juice and batteries. Just vape, dispose wisely, and move on to the next one. If you get bore by one flavor then switching to the next one can give a break from the monotony!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Air Bar Max with your favorite flavor and start chasing clouds like never before.

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