Air Bar Max V/S Hype Max Flow Duo: Find Out Your Vaping Match!

Air Bar Max V/S Hype Max Flow Duo: Find Out Your Vaping Match!

The vaping freaks understand how striking the perfect vape mechanism can be a grinding task. Every vaper has variations of likes and dislikes and therefore a comparative analysis of every pod mod needs extensive attention. In the same line of thought, we have decided to brief you on the features of two exciting vape pods that can satisfy your vaping desires. These are Hyppe Max Flow Duo and Air Bar Max. From the puff count to the airflow, design, and flavors, everything is displayed straight. So, let's get started…



The cloud count for both the vapes is more or less the same. While Hyppe Max Flow Duo can last you up to 2500 puffs, the Air Bar Max can give you 2200 nic clouds.So, this feature can be negotiated considering the other features that we will discuss further but if 300 extra puffs make a difference to you then you can go for the former one.


E-liquid for both, Hyppe Max Flow Duo and Air Bar Max is respectively, 6ml and 6.5ml and it consists of 5% or 5mg nicotine strength per the weight of the e-juice. Also, the VG/PG composition is the same in both which is in 70:30 proportion. Based on the flavor you select, the flavoring compounds vary but they are not harmful for consumption.


Flavors of these two taste as heavenly as they sound. While Air Bar Max gives a single flavored vape time, the hyppe max flow duo is distinguished for its dual flavored vape creations that can be swapped anytime by switching the button present at the top of the vape unit. Here, check out-

Flavors of Air Bar Max

  • Peach Mango
  • ALPPS(Icy Mint)
  • Lemon Shake
  • Pudding
  • Guava Shake
  • Holly
  • Kiwi Berry Shake
  • Cranberry Grape
  • Sakura Grape
  • Berries Shake
  • Blueberry Blackcurrant
  • Blueberry Lemon Ice
  • Cool Mint
  • Melon Shake
  • Red Bull Ice
  • Apple Shake
  • Banana Shake

Flavors of Hyppe Max Flow Duo

  • Lychee Freeze and Lychee Guava
  • Kiwi Strawberry and Guava Strawberry
  • Chewy Watermelon and Blue Gummy
  • Aloe Orange and Aloe Grape
  • Aloe Lush Freeze and Aloe Grape
  • Hawaiin Freeze and Cotton Candy Freeze
  • Strawberry Banana Freeze and Banana Freeze
  • Lush Freeze and Peach Freeze
  • Strawberry Freeze and Blue Raz
  • Watermelon Peach Pear and Strawberry Apple Watermelon


Hyppe Max Flow Duo gives the vaper control over the vapor flow which can be accessed by rotating the circular rim at the bottom of the vape. On the contrary Air, Bar Max doesn't have any airflow control feature but the in-built flow resistance is smooth and satisfying.


Both have been designed using fine plastic however, the looks of Air Bar Max are more captivating if compared. It has an attractive while light glow at the base of the device which is bright and big and every time you pull a draw, it feels like vaping under luxury. Even the visual design is more pleasing than that of Hyppe Max Flow as it has a nice shiny color blend. Both are disposable and thus have an automated firing system. Hyppe Max Flow Duo works on a 100mAh battery while the other one is on 1250 mAh.


The deciding features to select among the above two devices can be whether a vaper wants control over the cloud productions and desires the dual flavors or not. If the visual feel and opulence of the device matter more then go for Air Bar Max. But if you need little extra throat hits with a dual shot that are under your sway then Hyppe Max can be picked. Rest features are almost the same and can be neglected.

So, what's your pick? Share with us right below!

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