Air Bar Lux- The Perfect Source to Opulent Vaping Vibes

Air Bar Lux- The Perfect Source to Opulent Vaping Vibes

Gone are the days when refilling the clearomizers, changing the tanks and the resistance coils were in vogue by vapers. Ever since the launch of disposable pod mods with adjustable airflow, luscious vape juice and trendy, yet handy designs of vape, there has been an enormous shift towards the pod mods. Air Bar Lux stands firmly for standards amid many other disposable vapes and therefore in this blog post, we will give you a glimpse of every information that you must extract to utilize it in its entirety.

Air Bar Lux

What makes it a luxurious experience?

Air Bar Lux holds a jumbo puff number of approximately 1000 puffs per unit. You can relish an extensive vape time with these bars. It comes pre-filled with a range of uber delicious savory combinations! Hearing the name will fill your mouth with water! Irresistibly 13 tasty combos in the e-liquid that weigh 6.5ml and contain 5% of nicotine hit per unit. The VG/PG blend is 70:30.

Just perfect! It has a 500mAh powered pre-charged battery. No worries about recharging and nix to bother about the battery blow-ups. It is cent percent safe. The slender and sleek design will make your vaping stylish. Made out of plastic bodies to make it travel-friendly and user-friendly.

What makes it a classic piece is the white bright light that appears on every inhale you swallow. Unlike the blue light, this color makes it distinguished in look and feel from the rest of the pod mods. A piece of good news for people who are always on the go. They demand just inhaling at your end and need zero maintenance.

What are the flavor options in Air Bar Lux?

As we have already mentioned, this vape offers a total of 13 savory options within the vape juice. All are created to make your clouds taste just like the real flavor of fruits, shakes, and creams. There are no harmful flavoring agents used and you will get the luscious taste of real fruit juices. Here are all the flavors-

  •   Apple Shake
  •   Guava Shake
  •   Banana Shake
  •   Triple Shake
  •   Blueberry Kiwi Ice
  •   Banana Ice
  •   Watermelon Apple Ice
  •   Blueberry Pomegranate Ice
  •   Red Bull Ice
  •   Cranberry Lemon Iced
  •   Aloe Blackcurrant
  •   Popcorn Caramel
  •   Strawberry Mango

 Definitely, by now you must have selected the ones you are going to vape on. You can order from vaporboss if your taste buds can't wait for anymore. This online store has stood for delivering qualitative vape units. Also, do let us know which flavor you found the most interesting and pleasant. 

 How is the flow of the vapors in Air Bar Lux?

The size of the clouds in Air Bar Lux is moderate. Enough to satisfy a pro vaper. Thanks to the in-built vapor flow feature. MTL vapers will find this device satisfying to the core. You won't get any obstructions while puffing unless it is an exceptional case of a manufacturing issue. Also, the mouthpiece is soft in feel.

How can I verify whether my Air Bar Lux is real or not?

Every vape comes with a QR Code that can be scanned by scratching and that is how you can confirm whether or not you have received a hoax Air Bar Lux or not.

Summing Up,

Air Bar Lux is a super cool vape for light to moderate vapers and those who need just a little freedom of airflow adjustment. However, the hardcore DL vapers and those who love to vape using the sub-ohm might not find the flow pleasing. The flavors and no fuss and muss entices vapers to never leave this vape. Try now and share your rating too.

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