Air Bar Box To Make The Most Of Your Vaping Sessions

Air Bar Box To Make The Most Of Your Vaping Sessions

In the vaping market, Suorin is known for producing superb vape products. Although there are many disposable vapes available, this one is renowned among vapers for its flawless performance. It has a box-like shape, is dripping with the best e-liquid flavours, and fulfils its alluring aesthetic. When it comes to vaping on a disposable vaporizer, look further to learn why it has been regarded.

  • It provides a fascinating blend of Performance and Puff Count!

One of the key characteristics that distinguish an advanced vape is the variety of clouds it provides and the high level of performance it employs to do so. The enormous 3000 Puff cloud size offered by Air Bar Box is created from 10 ml of pre-filled e-juice and produces tasty and pleasurable throat impacts. For this, a built-in 1500mAh battery is employed, which is pre-charged and does not require further charging. The operating principle is to provide customers with "a faultless vaping ride."

This unit is a great choice because it has been installed after passing all safety inspections. To satisfy your craving for nicotine with exceptional satisfaction, the vape juice is also created with 5% nicotine strength per 10 ml of vape juice quantity. This is a result of the vape juice being made with a high fine VG/PG mixture. The vapors are so richly flavored thanks to a blend of fine 70% Vegetable Glycerine and 30% Propyl Glycol that the nicotine clouds hit with practically the same intensity as those in a cigarette. All of this results in a flawless vaping experience that pro-style sorts your nic desire.

  • You get the greatest vape juices from it!

Without the zingy flavor kicking in every nic cloud, vaping is impossible to imagine as delightful. Since e-juice is crucial to making disposable vapes a success, Air Bar Box has been introduced as one of the premium e-liquid flavors. Below is a list of targets from which you can choose:

Cool Mint- An industry-standard vape juice that provides a good chilly kick to lift your spirits when you're feeling down. That is without a doubt everyone's favorite!

Cherry Lemon- Every inhalation and exhalation you take while vaping will have a distinct lemonade flavor because to the combination of cherries and tangy lemon juice.

Cranberry Grape- Cranberries and grapes are combined in this fruity vaping assault to leave your palates with powerful nic impacts.

Energy Drink- The best recreation of the energy drink you've ever tasted is going to be when you have this flavour in your tongue as clouds of nicotine. Once you've experienced it, you'll undoubtedly want more.

Kiwi Shake- The vapeable Kiwi Kick is incredibly delicious. Your vapours become smoother and more mouthwatering with the addition of a little milk cream.

Cool Lemon – A premium vape juice without a doubt that leaves your tongues in awe and astonishment. Excellent lime flavour combined with a powerful menthol flavour.

Orange Juice- This one will make you feel good from the start to the finish of your vaping session, much like drinking a glass of orange juice does.

Sour Apple Freeze- The immature yet delicious green apples are a surprise.

Pineapple Shake- The tropical fruit pineapple is blended with milk cream to treat you with an epic vaping journey. It is a unique and unforgettable vape juice that you will cherish throughout your life.

Orange Shake- Here is to treat all the orange lovers with subtle notes of milk. It leaves your palates pleased and there is a higher possibility that you will revisit this e-juice.

Red Bull Ice- Suorin never fails to take care of vapers who are hardcore Red Bull fans! This one is recreated with an extra flavor of mint juice to deliver a brain-freezing vape time!

Strawberry Mango- The ice-cream concoction that you must be having since childhood. The Mango and strawberry vape juice of Air Bar Box is no ordinary experience. Try and you’ll know what we mean!

Vitamin Water- Another healthy refreshing dose while you satisfy your soul with enriching throat hits. This flavor tastes citrusy but is a great hot among vapers.

Watermelon Freeze- The best frozen vaping highlight that is remarkable to the core. Imagine yourself sipping down a chilled glass of watermelon freezer on every nic hit produced by Air Bar Box!!

Watermelon Candy- This e-liquid takes you back to the ultimate nostalgia from your childhood days. Give your taste buds a playful vaping experience with the delectable taste of watermelon candy!

 What is the shelf-life of the Air Bar Box?

Air Bar Box usually has a longer shelf life and can last you from 1 to 2 years. This is highly dependent on the way it is used as different vaper has a different level of vaping desire. While you must use it within its expiry date, there is a chance that you might lose the number of puffs if you keep it unused for a prolonged duration. This happens because the vape juice undergoes evaporation due to incorrect storage. Ergo, storing it in a cool place can save the puffs from evaporating. The best is to hit with a newly manufactured one and not store them for extensive weeks. Overall, the shelf life is until 2 years from the date of manufacturing, if the device has been used and stored in the appropriate environment.

Is the design of the Air Bar Box comfortable?

As Suorin is known for classy vape designs, Air Bar Box is not left behind. The outside body is shaded with a shimmery shade of color that represents the flavor it holds inside. 

The Rock Bottom!

Who does not want luxury and comfort in life? This desire is well provided in Air Bar Box Disposable. It brings the best of all the Air Bar Series that have been earlier launched by the Suorin brand. Gratifying its users for its handy design and classic nic hits, it is the vaping treasure that once used involves no regrets! 

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