Ablaze the Vaping Flame: A One Stop Guide to Coil Replacements!

Ablaze the Vaping Flame: A One Stop Guide to Coil Replacements!

In vaping what matters the most is unstoppable scrumptious vapors! So, comes the role of  replacement coils and nano pods. If you are a diehard vaping fan then surely you must be used to the powerful puff delivering systems, like the Uwell Valyrian tanks, Suorin Air Mod 40W  or, Geek Vape Aegis Nano Pods to quote some. While both have their own pros and cons, having an understanding about coils is mandatory, in both the cases .In  this article we will give you a briefing on how to replace coils and pods. Let’s get started...

Understanding the function of coils in vaping

If you are a novice, first you need to have apprehension about some points and the first one is knowing the function of a coil in controlling your nicotine hits.

  • Coils are added to the vaping mechanisms to provide heat to your e-liquid and convert them into vapors.
  • The e-juice is held by the wicking material that is usually cotton shielded in fiberglass or synthetic foam.
  • This wicking material is wrapped around the wire or what is referred to as a coil.
  • The type of coil brings different variations in the resistance to the heat it delivers to the vape juice.
  • If the heat resistance of the coil is less, the cloud creations will be bigger, smoother, and free and if the resistance of the coil is more the air draws will be lesser and restricted.
  • So, based on your way of puffing or cloud size, you select the replacement coils.
  • The coil resistance is measured in Ohms(Ω) and Sub-ohm means resistance less than 1.
  • There are three materials of Coil that also change the overall resistance delivered by it even though the measurement of resistance is the same. These are- Regular Coils, Mesh Coils, and Ceramic Coils.
  • Mesh Coils are spirally formed and therefore comparatively gives a lower resistance. Ceramic Coils have even higher temperature resistance.
  • Another variable that has to be considered while selecting a coil is the wattage of your tank. If the battery power is higher then it will directly affect the coil.

  A Check Recap in brief

Having gained the Technical cognizance  behind the vape coils/pods, make the right selection of coil/pod by deciding-

  • Clarity on the amount of cloud size you want to vape with. 
  • The wattage of your atomizer. 
  • The material of the coil to combat the power of the battery with the perfect balance(balance is based on the kind of flow you want). 
  • The power of resistance you want in Ω.

 # You’ve to do some calculations. However, it involves common sense more than numbers so no frets, you'll rock it!  

Vape Coil/Pod needs a replacement when there’s-

  • Burning Taste
  • Gurgling Sound
  • Lighter or weakened flavor delivery
  • Lower draws

 Finally, putting it to Replacement

  • Disassemble- Unscrewing the tank from the bottom of your vape device. Use your manual. Wear gloves or wrap the device with a paper towel to avoid the e-juice mess around your skin. Flip the tank upside down and rotate it in a counterclockwise motion to dismantle!
  • Saturate the wicking material- Depending on the coil size you select, sufficiently soak the wicking material with the e-juice,5-10 drops are good enough.
  • Swapping the coils- This is easy-peasy. Unscrew it from the bottom of your device. It's super easy!
  • Reassemble the tank- Now, by doing this, get back your vape device to the original form!


For some,coil replacement doesn’t satisfy the luxury and personal vaping needs and in such cases you can opt for the ready made coil replacement atomizers or nano pods. These are ready for easy-peasy installations! In case you choose to opt for GeekVape Aegis Nano Pods , all you need to do is press click for installation!


Be it nano pods or coils, the replacements to your nano tanks are based on the nature of coils. Select the one as per the above discussed coil knowledge and set your vaping on fire!

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Kevin S. is an experienced vape writer and collector of VaporBoss. I have been writing about disposables, e-liquids, and vape coils for half a decade now. With a commitment to accuracy and clarity, I guide readers through the maze of information, providing valuable insights for both beginners and experienced vapers. My writing not only demystifies the technical jargon, but also delves into the cultural nuances, trends, and regulations that shape the ever-evolving vaping community.

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