A Quick Fix To UWell Valyrian Burnt Coils

A Quick Fix To UWell Valyrian Burnt Coils

Vaping enthusiasts love to vape freely and they get the best through vape tanks that can be totally under their control. Many select to vape with the UWell Valyrian tank which demands the coil replacement from time to time. As much as you should stock up your UWell Valyrian Coils well in advance, it should also be kept in mind that you try all the hacks that can fix up the burnt taste without the need to replace the coils. In this article, we will give you some hacks that can save you some expenses. Keep reading…


A brief knowledge about vape coils

Vape coils are heated up with the battery power installed in your vape units and these are wrapped with wicking material, usually made of cotton which absorbs and holds your e-liquid. The heated coil then converts the liquid vape juice held by the wicking material into vapors. The resistance of the coil varies with the quality of the wicking material and the quantity of the vape juice. If this balance is disturbed, the coils will burn as more heat will be left on the metal of the coil.

The mini-hacks that can be tried!

Before switching to a new UWell Valyrian Coil Replacement, just check on the following situations in your vape tank-

  1. Is your vape juice sufficiently filled? - You must understand that if you do not fill up your vape system with the required quantity of the e-juice then the heat energy that the coil uses to convert it into vapors will stay at the metal itself and this causes the coil to burn out quickly. So, as soon as you begin to feel a weird taste, just check if your vape juice is fully absorbed by the wicking material or not.
  2. Is your wicking material authentic?- Another check must be made on the quality of the wicking material. If it is made out of low-quality cotton then it will not be able to hold the vape juice properly which will lead to the burnt-out taste as again the coil material would have to hold the heat that has been intended to pass on to the wicking material.
  3. Are you using the right coil?- You should be using the right coil that is meant for your tank. A UWell Valyrian Tank works best only if you are using the UWell Valyrian Coils. If to save money, you are installing other coils then you would only end up spending more as these will burn out even quicker.

 If all of the above-mentioned hacks have already been checked then just accept the fact that you are a super heavy vaper and the more you vape the faster ends the coil's lifespan!

Why UWell Valyrian Coils?

These are made of high-quality stainless steel construction that is based on the parallel dual coil structure and the wicking material used is of premium quality cotton. The wider wicking ports absorb the vape juice to the maximum which increases the coil's efficiency and life.

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