A Guide To Drip Tip What Is It?

A Guide To Drip Tip What Is It?

There is no limit to the inventiveness and invention of the community and manufacturers, as the vaping sector has demonstrated. One invention in particular is as straightforward as they come, despite the fact that some of the industry's biggest successes have been centred upon new, more sophisticated technology. 

Despite their straightforward construction and use, drip tips may significantly enhance your vaping experience. Using these useful accessories doesn't need the same level of knowledge as dripping or squonking, but it does require some experience with vaping. A drip tip can be the best option for you if you want to try your hand at basic dripping for enjoyment.

A Vape Drip Tip: What Is It?

Drip tips are essentially "mouth pieces," which is how some people prefer to refer to them. Yet that's only part of their work. Any regular vape may be converted into a rudimentary dripping apparatus by adding a drip tip. To effectively do away with the need for a tank, you just place the drip tip over your atomizer.

Most often, excellent drip tips are composed of ceramic, Pyrex glass, or metal (stainless steel). Plastic ones of lower quality are also available, but it's preferable to avoid them if at all possible.

The experience as a whole is influenced by the design and substance. For instance, long-stemmed stainless steel drip tips have a tendency to chill the vapour. On the other hand, shorter, less expensive ones tend to heat up. This is particularly true if you use a robust device, such a box mod or high-wattage sub-ohm vape.

In general, a drip tip is a great place for intermediate vapers to begin experimenting with dripping without having to purchase a challenging and pricey RDA. We have excellent news if you possess a vaporizer with a detachable mouthpiece. Its component also functions as a drip tip. If the mouthpiece on your tank is fixed in place, you'll need to spend some money on an alternative.

What is a Drip Tip Used For?

Using a drip tip is surprisingly simple compared to traditional dripping. Just position your atomizer over the drip tip. This makes a direct path for the cotton wick in your coil to travel from the mouthpiece.

After that, carefully drip a little quantity of e-liquid into the aperture, making sure the coil is completely saturated. The most difficult component of drip tips, if not the only one, is undoubtedly this.

It becomes a guessing game as to how saturated the wick is because you can't see it. A damaged coil and an unpleasant dry hit result from using too little e-juice, which also burns the wick. Yet, an excessive amount of liquid causes untidy spilling.

Also, you should think about the coil you're utilising. The thickness and design of coils may differ even within the same brand and model. This affects the frequency of drips, the volume of liquid required, and the rate of saturation. The good news is that if you persevere, you'll ultimately find the ideal balance via trial and error, making it feel nearly natural.

Maintaining Your Drip Tip

Drip tips are surprisingly simple to clean because they are merely discrete pieces of material. This is advantageous since cleaning them is a must. Almost everything that touches the drip tip leaves a tiny bit of itself behind. The tiny mouthpiece may theoretically come into contact with anything, including skin, food particles, extra e-liquid, dust, and lint.

Cleaning on a regular basis is the finest course of action. Just wash the item in warm water, pat it dry with a cloth, or let it air dry. A lot of that grime could adhere to the drip tip if you tend to put things off. In this situation, a little isopropyl alcohol combined with a thorough washing in warm water does wonders to remove the superfluous accumulation.

Both positive and negative aspects

There is no optimal vaping method. To avoid making a poor choice, it's crucial to understand what makes drip tips outstanding and where they fall short.



Using a drip tip has many fantastic advantages. It's much simpler than typical dripping, yet somewhat more difficult than traditional vaping.

Also extremely affordable are drip tips. Here, a few bucks are at stake. Contrast that with an RDA, which can easily cost you $50 or more when you include the price of cotton.

Speaking of cotton, using traditional RDAs necessitates manually wicking, which is a hassle in and of itself. Just swap the coils in your atomizer as usual because drip tips function with the present coils.

A drip tip offers a whole different sensation. One benefit is that it unquestionably enhances the flavour of your e-liquid. Cloud chasers will especially like these small accessories since it also produces a significant amount of vapour.

Vape drip tips also allow you to quickly switch between flavours. Just drip in a different liquid once you've vaped through the juice in your coils, and you're ready to go. Even though there may still be some flavour ghosting, it won't be nearly as noticeable as what happens when you use a regular tank.


Let's take a look at the reasons why some individuals might not like vape drip tips.

Drip tips are inconvenient, to start. You need to monitor how much e-juice you are feeding them because they don't utilise a tank. That can be irritating because this typically occurs after just a few pulls. 

Vapers who want lengthy sessions and don't mind switching flavours seldom use a drip tip.

Drip tips may also be rather messy, especially if you're a beginner and haven't yet discovered the ideal e-liquid to coil ratio.

On the other hand, if you don't drip enough, it's just as simple to fry a perfectly nice coil.

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