A Fruit Lover’s Dream - Reds Apple Fruit Mix Ejuice

A Fruit Lover’s Dream - Reds Apple Fruit Mix Ejuice

If you love the sweet tang of crisp apples, but can't wait to indulge in fall's harvest bounty, our latest flavour is just for you. Head over to Red Apple Fruit Mix Ejuice and take your taste buds on a refreshing trip down memory lane. This fruit wonder was made with 100% apple juice concentrate from fresh-squeezed USA apples with no refined sugars or preservatives added.

There's something so juicy about this nostalgic mix of ripe, tart fruits that we guarantee it will score high among your favorite flavors. Our customers are saying their new all day vape has hooks outlasting any other fruity blend by far!

What is the taste of Red Apple Fruit Mix Like?

The delicious red apples are picked down south in a rich, tangy mix of sweet and sour. With a hint of tartness on the exhale you'll enjoy every drop! It's sure to transport you back to those lazy days after lunch of chasing around all your friends. The yummy, sweet apples are so dang fresh that the air's got a crisp smell. This flavor tastes like an apple pie with a tint of cinnamon for just that one little kick to make it taste more mature.

The bottle is easy to carry around in a purse because it's not too big and bulky--it only weighs 60ml. And because this juice is designed for adults 21 years old and up, there's no need to stress about putting nicotine into your vape juice!

A perfect mix of ripe Golden Delicious apples mellowed out by vanilla creaminess on top and juicy pears brought forward by maple flavouring at the bottom, its finish is indulgent and exceptionally well-rounded no matter what voltage or device you're using.

Hook Up With Reds Apple Fruit Mix If You Have A Sweet Tooth

“Hey, Red Apple Fruit Mix Ejuice here! I'm a decadent mix of apples, mixed fruit flavours and melty vanilla. Sneaky Trickster...or will it be Tickle Tricks? That's for you to decide. No matter what the outcome is, there'll always be an explosion of flavour in your mouth!”

This e-juice will bring you back to summer in the most delicious way. It tastes so tart and juicy it'll make your mouth water. And it sounds like an imploding fruit truck when you shake the bottle because there are real chunks of actual fruit hidden inside this e-juice.

It takes the classic fruit mix e-juice flavour up about ten notches by adding some adult flavours (think cinnamon) without getting too crazy to make it perfectly balanced for all of your vaping needs.

Grab Your Red Apples Bottle Now!

Fall in love with its refreshing summer flavour now before it goes back into hiding waiting to be discovered again next year. It will make your tastebuds tingle just like if you were biting into an apple at the farmers market that has all the perfect ripeness (not too under or over ripe). All mixed up in our signature blend 70VG/30PG blend that is nice and smooth for all-day vaping pleasure without any throat irritation or nasty dryness.

The Reds Apple Fruit Mix ejuice is an exquisitely designed vape juice with rich, deep red colouring. The taste of the fruit not only fills your mouth but you can smell it as soon as you receive it. And the sweet tartness of this flavour will make a sweeter day even better than before. You’ll be getting 100% of your daily fruit quota in every hit with no fear for clogged arteries or tooth decay!

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