A Complete Buying Guide For Dinner Lady Vape Juice

Starting your vaping experience with the right nicotine strength & VG/PG ratio is now a breeze. So, your search for the best place to purchase Dinner Lady vape juice ends with Vapor Boss. 
A Complete Buying Guide For Dinner Lady Vape Juice

Are you buying Vape Juice or Electronic Juice? So, you want to get the greatest e-liquid to make your first vape experience pleasant. There are a plethora of e-liquid brands, each boasting an assortment of flavors. We made this e-liquid purchase guide since we know how difficult it may be to find the right e-liquid for your needs.

Lots of things need to be thought about. For an unforgettable vaping experience, it's not enough to have high-quality e-liquid with the right nicotine level and flavor profile; the coil, vaping device, and PG/VG ratio are all crucial. 

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Selecting an Appropriate Nicotine Level

For new vapers, deciding on a nicotine level could be a daunting task, but you've found the ideal spot to get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

0mg Nicotine: You may keep blowing vape rings or enjoying the smoking sensation without ingesting any nicotine with the 0 mg nicotine option, making it perfect for social smokers. Check out the 0mg nicotine shortfalls from this brand!

3mg Nicotine: At 3 milligrams, you can achieve the lowest dose of nicotine in a drink. Customers who choose this nicotine strength are usually nearing the end of their smoking cessation journey, having cut down to nearly no nicotine at all. This is also a good option for those who smoke a few cigarettes daily. To get the most out of your e-juice experience, choose Lady's 3mg 50:50 or 3mg 30:70 ratios.

6mg Nicotine: The nicotine rush you're seeking may be yours with only 6 milligrams of nicotine, a low-level dosage. If you smoke an average of around ten cigarettes daily, this is perfect for you. If you're looking for an e-liquid with the most flavor, we suggest Dinner Lady's 6mg 50:50 or 6mg 30:70 options.

10mg/12mg Nicotine: If you're new to vaping and are concerned about cravings, a nicotine strength of 10 milligrams (mg) or 12 milligrams (mg) is a good compromise. The ordinary smoker, who burns through a pack of cigarettes daily, is the target audience for this strength. The 10mg/12mg 50:50 e-liquids or nicotine salts are highly recommended!

18mg/20mg Nicotine: People who smoke heavily, usually more than a pack a day, should take this product, which has 18 milligrams of nicotine and 20 milligrams of nicotine. The sort of apparatus you'll need to utilize is directly proportional to the concentration of the liquid you'll be using. If you're looking for an e-liquid, nicotine salt, or disposable vape pen, we suggest a 10mg/12mg 50:50 blend.

An e-liquid may aid with cravings when you first start vaping and when you're attempting to quit smoking altogether. Start with a greater nicotine strength and gradually lower it if you discover that vaping isn't helping.

How to Achieve a Strong Throat Hit from E-Liquid?

After years of cigarette smoking, you find that the throat hit from vaping isn't quite the same. Obtaining that throat hit requires an e-liquid with a greater propylene glycol concentration.

The VG and PG ratios should be examined. For most people, the sweet spot is a 50:50 blend of vegetable glycerin & propylene glycol.

Find a vaping device with a lengthy draw that is made for mouth-to-lung vaping if you're using e-liquid with a high PG content. Browse our selection of mods designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, including pen-type vape kits.

Choose E-liquids for a Smooth Throat Hit

If you want a mild throat hit from your vaporizer, use nicotine salt or a higher VG e-liquid. Because the nicotine effects from very strong e-liquids were too harsh, a new invention emerged: nicotine salts. Nicotine, which is naturally present in tobacco leaves, is used to make them, and they make the throat hit less harsh.

People who are just starting to vape or who are moving away from tobacco or light cigarettes tend to choose nicotine salts. Using vape juice with a greater VG content is another strategy for a less harsh throat impact. More sophisticated vaping equipment is often used with high-VG vaping juice.

Dessert E-Liquids Loved By All Across the Globe

Because of its ridiculously good flavor variety, the Dinner Lady Brand link is wildly popular among vapers. For example, many think Lemon Tart is the finest dessert e-liquid ever. You can enjoy all of these delicious tastes with the Dinner Lady disposable, and it's so handy since it doesn't need any setup, refilling, or charging.

Perfect Taste Duplication

If you're looking for a disposable vaporizer with exceptional taste, look no further than the Dinner Lady. This is because the coil has been redesigned, and pre-wrapped medical-grade cotton covers the heating pipe. With each puff of this gadget, you'll inhale massive clouds of intensely flavored e-liquid.

Flavor Options Offered by Dinner Lady 

You can expect the same great tastes in the disposable e-cigarettes made by this brand, so fans of the brand will easily recognize them immediately. However, we hope this list of Dinner Lady Flavors link is helpful if you are new to it.

Strawberry Macaroons: With each inhalation of Dinner Lady's e-liquid, you'll be treated to the delightful flavor of a creamy, sweet strawberry macaroon. On top of the wonderful strawberry taste, it has a dash of vanilla.

Vanilla Custard: Do vanilla and custard sound good to you? This brand has selected this taste as the best choice for all those vapers searching for a simple dessert rush. 

The Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbets: An incredible symphony of sweet sherbet and sour lemon juice—who could say no? This vape juice subtly evokes the delightful spirit of summer.

The Tropic Mango Chill: Every drag of your favorite fruity vape juice, with its refreshing blend of mango and mint, will transport you to a world of pure joy. With the option to purchase 30 ml packs of nicotine in strengths of 25 mg or 50 mg, this one produces greater cloud effects.


Getting the ideal e-liquid that meets your requirements requires effort and investigation. Starting your vaping experience with the right nicotine strength & VG/PG ratio is now a breeze. So, your search for the best place to purchase Dinner Lady vape juice ends with Vapor Boss link

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