510 Drip Tips vs. 810 Drip Tips: A New 2022 Drip Tip War

510 drip tips are longer and slimmer, with a diameter of 8.5 mm. They come before 810 drip tips.
510 Drip Tips vs. 810 Drip Tips: A New 2022 Drip Tip War

Drip tips are standard on all non-pod vaping starter kits, so, understandably, we often overlook this relatively little piece of hardware. In actuality, two varieties of drip tips are available, and your preference for one over the other may surprise you in terms of how you like your vapor clouds. Almost every seasoned vaper will tell you they favor one of the two —510 and 810 Drip Tip—over the other.

Does the Option to Drip Tip Actually Matter?

Yes, since the drip tip is more than just a passageway for vapor to enter your lungs. Consider it more akin to a chimney, in which the dimensions and form genuinely influence the vapor that condenses prior to joining your mouth. The length and width are essential since they impact the temperature, airflow, and taste intensity.

510 Drip Tips

510 drip tips are longer and slimmer, with a diameter of 8.5 mm. They come before 810 drip tips. Therefore, it's pretty likely that anyone still using a vaping setup that is over a few years old has a 510 tip. Since they concentrate the vapor in the chimney, making the flavor denser, they tend to allow for a more robust flavor because they are so small in comparison. People also observe that warmer vapor is possible with 510 tips.


Excellent for those who chase flavors

  • Ideal for those who enjoy warm vapor
  • Ideal for people who vape at lower temperatures or wattages,


  • Smaller plumes of vape
  • They are more likely to deal you some hard blows occasionally.

810 Drip Tips

The next set of tips is 810, essentially shorter and broader. At a look, the 12.5mm diameter makes the difference easily visible. This larger diameter allows heat to dissipate more rapidly, giving the impression of cooler vapor entering your mouth. But that is not all; cloud-chasing is better suited to a bigger tip since it lets in thicker and plentiful vapor past the mouthpiece. Larger, fluffier clouds are the outcome, but the flavor influence is less than with the 510 model.


  • Fuzzier, larger clouds
  • Provides a colder vapor for inhalation
  • Easier to clean because of the width's ease of access to the inner channel


  • Not as good for those who seek flavor

What to Know While Getting Used to a New Drip Tip

When switching to a new tip, there are a few things to consider while making the necessary adjustments.

#1: You Might Need to Adjust Your Pulls

Your pulls are impacted by more than you might think. Use the 510 and 810 drip tips to change the amount and viscosity of vapor you inhale. When switching between the two, you may need to adjust the force you draw since the volume and density of vapor you inhale will vary.

#2: The Feel of the Material Could Differ

You might need to adjust to the feel of the new material against your lips if you're switching to a new material. For example, if you are pressing your lips against a metal, it might feel heated. Making the switch to acrylic would result in a feeling of coolness.

#3: Vapor temperature and flavor could be novel

It can influence even the warmth of the vapor and the flavor of your e-liquid. Compared to 510 drip tips, comprehensive bore often generates slightly less flavor impact but warmer vapor.

How to Use Vapor Drip

Dripping is an easy process. Take off your tip, locate the coil, then use your dropper to apply 2-4 drops of vape juice straight onto the coil. After changing it, draw some air. After two or three hits, repeat the dripping process and enjoy.

We'll review some fundamental principles and recommended practices to assist you in quickly becoming proficient with the method.

  1. Use vape juice with a lot of vegetable glycerin (VG). The higher the viscosity, the easier to practice dripping without creating too much runoff.
  1. Allow yourself to practice your dripping method for an hour or two. Rather than in the middle of a busy schedule, this is best done at home at the end of the day.
  1. drip a little vape juice at a time to prevent flooding the coil. This wastes juice and results in minor burns from "spit back," making the hit all around poor.
  1. Don't be overly frugal with your e-liquid. Replace the coil's drips as soon as possible in the event of a dry hit. Pushing your juice too far might lead to a highly unpleasant feeling known as a "dry hit." A few drops of e-liquid won't save you the time and money that scorching your system will.

To What Extent Do Drip Tips Impact Flavor?

Particularly sweet e-juice flavors will be impacted with a tighter pull. Distinct parts of the tongue's taste buds correspond to different flavors. Your tongue's tip mostly picks up salty flavors, while the center is more sensitive to sweet ones. Better vapor direction and enhanced flavor can be achieved using.

Because the airflow during inhalation is not concentrated on the tip of the tongue, this will mainly affect sweet flavors rather than salty ones. Instead, it is aimed far enough inward to reach the taste buds in the center. Vaping fruity and dessert e-juices are made more delightful by these, which are all about those sweet overtones.

Of course, not everyone will have an as tight draw; this primarily relies on the width of the airflow. The breadth of the airflow diameter in atomizers using 510-type tips is between 2 and 4.5 mm. 810 drip tips are what are known as "wide bore tips," which are increasingly popular these days and have an airflow that is (slightly) wider.

Which Option Is Best for Your Needs?

Once you've been vaping for some time, you should be able to identify whether or not your vaping habits focus on flavor or cloud chaser preferences. Now that you know this information, 810 drip tips work well with cloud chasing while the 510 ones work better with flavor chasers; therefore, take into consideration your vaping priorities before selecting an 810 or 510 drip tip (both varieties of which can easily be found at Vapor Boss!). Luckily both types can easily be found in today's vaping hardware market - Vapor Boss offers both varieties!

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