Explore The Amazing Features Of The Lost Mary Luster OS5000 Vape!

Discover the extraordinary wonders of Lost Mary Luster OS5000 Vape! Immerse in cutting-edge features and elevate your vaping experience. Unveil now
Explore The Amazing Features Of The Lost Mary Luster OS5000 Vape!

A really magnificent work of art, The Lost Mary OS5000 Lustre Edition blends uniqueness, flair, and excellent performance. This customized timepiece is ideal for those who value the finer things in life and want a watch that stands out from the crowd because of its gorgeous appearance and cutting-edge performance.

The Lost Mary OS5000 Lustre Edition was masterfully built with a wonderful fusion of traditional and modern components. A rich shine finish on the eye-catching 42mm stainless steel case accentuates the entire design. It is a terrific option for both men and women who value conventional aesthetics because of its unisex appeal and adaptable style.

One of the most noticeable features of the Lost Mary OS5000 Lustre Edition is its very accurate automatic movement. You will always be on time thanks to the impressive accuracy and efficiency of this watch, which is driven by solid Japanese technology. Additionally, the movement has a self-winding mechanism that eliminates the need for batteries or any external power sources. Every movement you make will keep it ticking, and it only has to be worn on your wrist.

This limited-edition clock has an intriguing glowing mother-of-pearl dial that gives it a hint of ethereal beauty. Because of the dial's bright characteristics, it is exceptionally easy to notice in any environment while yet preserving its elegance. The 3 o'clock position date display is practical and simple, and the delicate hour markers and hands in silver tones perfectly complement the entire design.

The Lost Mary OS5000 Lustre Edition's fine stainless steel band, which was painstakingly attached to it, not only enhances its luxurious beauty but also provides optimum comfort even during extended use. The sturdy deployment clasp on the robust yet fashionable bracelet ensures a snug fit all day long.

The Lost Mary OS5000 Lustre Edition is a terrific watch for any occasion, whether you're headed to a formal event or enjoying a leisurely day out. It flawlessly blends functionality and flair. Invest in this renowned timepiece right now to understand what true accuracy and classic elegance mean.

The Detailed Description

We provide The Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable 5% LUSTRE EDITION to clients who prioritize comfort, style, and excellent performance. This stylish and portable disposable vape kit is pre-filled with 13mL of high-quality e-liquid, providing an opulent and enjoyable vaping experience.

You can vape continuously with the Lost Mary OS5000 with to its strong 650mAh battery, which is long-lasting. The 5% nicotine dosage is a cozy and pleasant hit for adult smokers looking for a pleasant substitute for smoking.

Thanks to its distinctive LUSTRE EDITION design, the Lost Mary OS5000 is not only a high-performing device but also makes a stylish statement. People will notice you wherever you go because of your extraordinary beauty. Due to its about 5000 puff capacity, this disposable vape also offers a longer vaping experience and doesn't need to be regularly replaced or recharged.

The Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable 5% LUSTRE EDITION is the pinnacle of performance, style, and convenience for people who are constantly on the go or who desire a premium vaping experience. Give it a try right away to profit from vaping in fashion and comfort.

Another feature of the OS5000 Lustre is a modern mesh coil heating element. The uniform heating provided by this component enhances flavor and vapor generation. You can get the most out of each puff thanks to this innovative technology.

Choose from 5 delicious flavors, including fruity, dessert, and menthol options, to suit your preferences. With such a large selection, you'll never get bored and can always find the perfect flavor to match your mood.

Never settle for anything less than your very best. The Lost Mary OS5000 Lustre Disposable Vape Device by EB Design offers an unrivaled vaping experience that is practical and pleasant.

Take advantage of the excellent flavor, long battery life, and stylish appearance that set this premium vaporizer apart from the competition by getting your hands on one today.

The Features Of Lost Mary Luster OS5000!

  • E-Liquid Size: 13ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0% / 50mg
  • Battery Capacity: USB-C Rechargeable 650mAh (charging cable & charger not included)
  • Puff Count: 5000+ Puffs
  • Heating Element: Mesh Coil
  • Flavors: 5 Available Flavors

The Flavors Of Lost Mary Luster!

  1. Acai Berry Storm Ice: An energizing and stimulating vaping experience is produced by this frosty blend of exotic acai berries and menthol.
  2. Berry Crush Ice: In our energizing Berry Crush Ice e-liquid, which is enhanced with an icy menthol wind, take pleasure in the wonderful blend of sweet and tart mixed berries.
  3. Black Strawnana: Treat your senses to Black StrawNana's delectable blend of juicy blackberries, succulent strawberries, and ripe bananas for a really engaging vaping experience.
  4. Lemon Lime Sparkling: You will adore the frothy charm of our Lemon Lime Sparkling e-liquid, which is bursting with tantalizing citrus smells and the enticing fizz of sparkling bubbles.
  5. Raspberry Lemonade: Our Raspberry Lemonade vape juice, which will refresh your palette, combines luscious raspberries and zesty lemonade to reach the ideal combination of sweetness and acidity.


The Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable 5% LUSTRE EDITION strikes the perfect balance between practicality, aesthetic appeal, and exceptional performance. Everyone looking for a high-end vaping experience that excels in aesthetics, flavor, and use must give it a try. To begin your stylish, practical, and joyful vaping experience, try the Lost Mary OS5000 LUSTRE EDITION right away. Always vape sensibly, and dispose of your equipment properly after use. Enjoy the benefits of vaping in comfort and style! If you wish to buy it, go to https://vaporboss.com/products/lost-mary-luster-os5000-by-eb-design-disposable


How long does a Lost Mary OS5000 last?

Explore new, wonderful flavors with the Lost Mary Disposable Device from the makers of Elf Bar, and you're sure to find one that becomes a new favorite. The device can withstand up to 5000 puffs and contains a rechargeable USB Type-C connector as well as an LED battery life meter.

How can I tell whether my Mary OS5000 that was stolen has power?

A small light on top of the device blinks continuously to let you know it is charging. The LED indicator changes color from red to blue to green as the battery charges. It will blink a few times once the battery is fully charged before shutting off.

Can Lost Mary’s expire?

Unfortunately, the simplest solution to this problem is that the juice in your disposable vape will run out. But isn't that really not the point? You see, because they are designed for beginners or people who like a hassle-free vape, these really useful devices are created to be as easy and user-friendly as possible.

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