What Impact Will the "Smokefree Generation" Legislation Have on Vapers in the UK?

Vapers in the UK must be enraged by the thought of flavor or disposable prohibitions since their diligent efforts have resulted in the world's least restrictive and liberal regulations around vaping products.
What Impact Will the
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Smoke-Free Generation The Notion Of The "Smoke-Free Generation" Is Not New.
Vape Flavors Will Vape Flavors And Disposables Be Outlawed In The UK?


Today, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak put forth a "smokefree generation" bill for England that would gradually outlaw the sale of cigarettes by raising the purchasing age by one year per year. Additionally, Sunak disclosed potential modifications to the legislation governing vaping goods, such as flavors for e-liquids, e-liquids without nicotine, and disposable vape pens.

As it stands now, the smokefree generation proposal would only apply to tobacco-containing products (such as cigarette papers). Nicotine pouches and vaping supplies are not included, though that may change in the future. According to the government, a smoke-free generation rule is supported by 71% of British adults.

At today's annual Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Sunak stated, "Meant to a Conservative, measures that restrict choice are never easy." "What has finally convinced me is that this shift can actually prevent our children from becoming smokers, which is something that none of us—not even those who smoke—want to happen. More lives will be saved by it than by any other choice we might make.

According to a health department policy paper released today, the government will hold a consultation later this month on the smokefree generation plan and specific recommendations for lowering youth vaping. The consultation will be followed by the quickest feasible introduction of legislation. The opposition Labour Party has assured Sunak that it will "lend" him the votes required for passage.

The UK's member states develop their own health legislation, so any changes arising from today's recommendations would only apply to England and not to Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Nonetheless, the administration claims that it would "develop these proposals with a view to aligning policy approaches."

The Notion Of The "Smoke-Free Generation" Is Not New.

Sunak's smokefree generation proposal, which would go into effect on January 1, 2009, would make it illegal for anyone born on or after that day to ever purchase cigarettes or other tobacco products in England, where the legal age of purchase is currently 18. The idea may be amended before it becomes law, and if it is approved, it will probably face legal challenges.

The law is based on the first smoke-free generation law ever established by any nation, which was passed in New Zealand in December of last year. That being said, the idea predates New Zealand law by a wide margin.

In 2012, the concept was originally put up under the term Tobacco-Free Generation in Singapore. Moreover, Tobacco Free Generation International, an advocacy group for tobacco control, has its headquarters in Singapore, despite the country's continued lack of a smoke-free generation law.

Two cities—Balanga City, Philippines, and Brookline, Massachusetts—have passed versions of the "tobacco-free generation" law since the proposal in Singapore. The Brookline rule prohibits the sale of smoke- and tobacco-free vaping devices to anyone born after 1999. It has been in force for more than two years.

In Brookline, a 23-year-old born on December 31, 1999, is permitted to purchase a vaping device; however, a 23-year-old born on January 1, 2000, is not allowed to do so. The legal age to buy tobacco and vaping goods is 21 across the country.

A rule prohibiting the sale of nicotine in a small city surrounded by Boston on three sides is not the same as a law prohibiting the sale of tobacco in England, a nation of 55 million people, because inhabitants of Brookline may simply leave the city to restock on cigarettes.

England is a vast island nation where there is a cigarette illicit market. Skeptics of the smoke-free generation claim that the UK law will intensify the black market, which is already problematic because to the high tobacco taxes in the nation. 

Will Vape Flavors And Disposables Be Outlawed In The UK?

In an effort to curb teenage vaping, the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom is also putting forth regulations on vaping products that have not yet been defined. The government has stated that it is "considering new legislation to regulate the flavours of vapes and their descriptions." (Note that the government policy statement frequently refers to teenagers as "children"; this should raise red flags.)

Despite acknowledging that flavored vapes are preferred by adults and have a positive impact on smoking cessation results, the government seems committed to taking action about flavors.

The government states that "careful consideration of the scope of restrictions is necessary to avoid unintended consequences on youth and adult smoking rates." Later this month, a consultation will be held to outline the alternatives for how the government plans to go about doing this.

September saw reports in British publications that a proposal to outlaw disposable vaporizers was on the horizon. The administration hasn't released a detailed plan yet, though. While outlining the various justifications for banning disposables, the policy paper that was released today never goes so far as to propose a ban. The government is primarily concerned about the environmental effects of improperly disposed of single-use vapes, but the moral panic around underage vaping will undoubtedly be the driving factor for any ban.

In addition to proposing that only those 18 and older be able to purchase nicotine-free vaping goods, the government says it will "explore" in a future consultation if "we should also impose further restrictions on non-nicotine vapes." E-liquids without nicotine are popular in the UK, where numerous consumers of vape shops purchase zero-nicotine shortfills in order to get around bottle-size restrictions resulting from EU-mandated product regulations.

This is the complete list of proposed modifications to the vaping policy:

  • Limiting the flavors of vapes
  • Controlling product presentation and packaging
  • controlling point-of-sale signage
  • Limiting the availability of single-use vape pens
  • Setting a minimum age for vaping without nicotine
  • investigating additional limitations for other nicotine-containing goods, like nicotine pouches
  • preventing the e-cigarette industry from providing youngsters with free samples

The health department's smoking cessation strategy, which involved giving away a million free vape pens, was unveiled in April along with an earlier public consultation that covered these areas of concern.

Vapers in the UK must be enraged by the thought of flavor or disposable prohibitions since their diligent efforts have resulted in the world's least restrictive and liberal regulations around vaping products. All of that could soon change, depending on how the government decides how to divide up its priorities. Furthermore, the Pandora's box has been opened even if the Sunak government decides not to outlaw flavors or single-use items. The next UK government, which is probably going to be run by the centrist Labour Party, might not be as concerned about outlawing goods that people who prefer nicotine use.

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