Press Release: YouMe Unveils Groundbreaking PHC Technology in Latest AIR BAR Disposable Vapes

 Latest AIR BAR Disposable Vapes
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Plan and Conclusion PHC-enabled AIR BAR AB7500 and AB10000
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Pre Heating Coil (PHC) technology, which is now available in AIR BAR's newest disposable vape devices, the AB75000 and AB10000, is a cutting-edge technological innovation. AIR BAR was launched in 2019 by YouMe Group. With the highest puff counts among the AIR BAR disposable vape family, this new, cutting-edge technology demonstrates AIR BAR's unwavering commitment to pushing the frontiers of the industry and improving the vaping experience for users everywhere.

Overview of The Background in Research and Development

Most disposable vape pens on the market today concentrate on improving flavor through atomizer core material optimization. Still, the YouMe Network Technology Ltd. R&D team goes above and beyond taste optimization and works hard to improve the user experience. They successfully introduced the BPC Atomization Technology in 2023 after countless research iterations. By refining the internal design of their disposable vape devices, they have also created the Pre-Heating Coil (PHC) technology (Patent No.: 2023208962220), another ground-breaking achievement.

An explanation of PHC

Pre Heating Coil is referred to as PHC. Upon inhalation, the PHC atomization core quickly activates the atomizer head, unlike conventional atomizer cores. Prior to inhalation, it heats the e-liquid to the perfect temperature, which causes the e-liquid to thin and activate its ingredients, giving it a smoother, softer taste. Furthermore, because of its reduced heating time, the PHC atomization core enhances battery energy efficiency and prolongs the battery life of the device.

An Overview of The Three Main Benefits of PHC Technology

Priority sensor activation for immediate breathing in: PHC technology modifies the airflow path and atomizer head location by optimizing the interior structure. When utilizing the disposable vape device, this gives priority to sensor triggering, enabling fast inhalation and greatly increasing comfort and happiness.

Increase heating time by 500 milliseconds for a richer flavor: Compared to conventional approaches, the heating process is 500 milliseconds faster due to the airflow, which prioritizes sensor triggering. The e-liquid is heated by the internal heating element of the disposable vape pen before being released as a gas through the mouthpiece and into the airway. There is no mingled cold air in any puff, therefore the flavor is richer.

7% more vapor is produced by improving e-liquid atomization: The quicker heating element of the disposable vape pen efficiently lowers e-liquid evaporation. This results in a 7% increase in vapor production due to improved and more consistent e-liquid atomization.

Plan and conclusion for enterprise development

YouMe Group's AIR BAR is committed to continuing to be a top-tier worldwide electric disposable vaporizer brand by offering consumers dependable, high-quality, and safe disposable vaporizers. They actively contribute to the creation and advancement of industry standards, fostering the industry's healthy and sustainable growth as they work to provide a safe, transparent, scientific, and regulated marketplace for disposable vape devices.

YouMe Network Technologies will keep putting the requirements of its customers first, working to raise the caliber of its goods and services while providing customers with a better disposable vape device experience. YouMe Network Technology will persist in its pursuit of innovation, propelling the industry's advancement of disposable vaporizers while striving for a more technologically advanced, ecologically conscious, and health-conscious way of living.

PHC-enabled AIR BAR AB7500 and AB10000

The AB7500 disposable vape device was released by AIR BAR in late December 2023, and the AB10000 disposable vape device was just announced. It is expected to be available in stores by late January 2024. The AB range of gadgets features the most recent PHC Technology in all three.

Disposable Vape Device AB7500: Inspired by futuristic graffiti art, this device boasts an adjustable airflow option, a battery and e-liquid indicator screen, and a maximum capacity of 7,500 puffs. There are 17 flavors available for this disposable vape pen that is rechargeable (Type-C).

AB10000 Disposable Vape Device: It is a ground-breaking advancement in vaping technology featuring 16 flavors, a rechargeable Type-C battery, and up to 10,000 puffs. With its revolutionary screen that shows the battery level and e-liquid, the AB10000 boasts a smooth, marbled appearance that guarantees a flawless experience.

About Air Bar

AIR BAR, a top disposable vaporizer manufacturer that was founded in 2019 by YouMe Group, consistently pushes the limits of innovation in the vaping sector. AIR BAR is dedicated to research and development, creating innovative products that provide a safer and healthier substitute for smoking.

Media queries can be sent to [email protected].

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