Press Release: VAPORESSO Introduces Worldwide Carbon Neutrality Initiative to Promote Sustainable Vaping

VAPORESSO is committed to augmenting carbon sinks and intends to initiate campaigns to engage its users in a collaborative endeavor. 
Press Release: VAPORESSO Introduces Worldwide Carbon Neutrality Initiative

The well-known vaping brand VAPORESSO will soon introduce a brand-new initiative called the "2023 VAPORESSO CARE ECO GO GREEN - Global Carbon Neutral Program" (also known as "the Program"). The Program, which will run from July 20, 2024, to December 10, 2023, is intended to address the pressing problems of climate change and global warming while advancing sustainable development.

Global warming, the greenhouse effect, and ecological degradation are only a few of the detrimental effects of the world's rapid technological and economic progress. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions while expanding carbon sinks is the issue.

The first ocean-friendly product in the vaping business, VAPORESSO's "OCEANGLINT" ECO NANO, is being introduced as a conceptually unique approach to the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

"OCEANGLINT" ECO NANO is a low-carbon lifestyle product that goes above and beyond the reusable ECO NANO from VAPORESSO. It provides a sustainable substitute for throwaway items. It has a 60% annual cost reduction for the consumer and greatly lowers pollution thanks to its rechargeable and refillable design.

While VAPORESSO has made great progress toward reducing carbon emissions and conserving the environment with the "OCEANGLINT" ECO NANO. "OCEANGLINT" ECO NANO combats "white pollution" brought on by plastic packaging by using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material obtained from recyclable marine plastic trash, therefore contributing to the preservation of the marine environment.

VAPORESSO is committed to augmenting carbon sinks and intends to initiate campaigns to engage its users in a collaborative endeavor. According to UN research, trees are essential for storing carbon, yet between 1990 and 2020, 420 million hectares of forest were lost to deforestation. To lessen ecological harm and advance global sustainability, VAPORESSO is inviting people to participate in its efforts to plant 6000 additional trees in the upcoming months. This program aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and add 66 tons of carbon to the Earth's carbon sink annually.

As part of the Program, VAPORESSO will introduce several initiatives, such as UNITE TO PLANT, which will give users access to an interactive online platform where they may play quizzes to support tree-planting while also enjoying the fun of low-carbon environmental protection. Additionally, it encourages customers to participate in tree planting as Global Green Partners to support the environmental advancement of the vaping sector. To encourage consumers to embrace eco-friendly travel practices, particularly walking, the company has introduced the STEP COUNT CHALLENGE in association with its stores globally, including those in the U.S., the UK, France, and so on. Customers can take part in this challenge at different VAPORESSO retail locations for a chance to win amazing prizes.

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