Press Release: VAPORESSO Achieves Milestone with More Than 130 Awards in 2023

Dedicated to improving the lives of its users and bringing about a world free of smoke, VAPORESSO was founded in 2015. 
Press Release: VAPORESSO Achieves Milestone

Leading pioneer in the vaping sector VAPORESSO reached a significant milestone in 2023 when it was recognized for its creativity and global leadership by receiving over 130 prestigious international awards from various media outlets and industry associations.

In 2023, VAPORESSO won over a dozen of the top worldwide brand awards and garnered recognition from reliable media outlets including Ecigclick, Vapouround, and VersedVaper. This accomplishment represents a critical turning point in the company's ascent to the top of the world market for open-system vaping devices. As a result of the brand's persistent efforts in R&D, customer happiness, and high-quality products, it has gained recognition and praise for its innovative technologies.

The accolades the brand has received are evidence of its exceptional product design and strength in innovation. Additionally, VAPORESSO was the recipient of other professional international design prizes in 2023, including the German, French, London, and MUSE design awards. These honors serve as a powerful testament to VAPORESSO's commitment to high-quality, cutting-edge design. VAPORESSO has been instrumental in influencing the landscape of the vaping business by continuously lifting the bar and establishing new standards for the functionality and design of vaping devices.

Furthermore, a number of the brand's cutting-edge goods, including the ARMOUR, VAPORESSO COSS, LUXE X series, and XROS 3 series, have garnered multiple reputable media accolades. Significantly, COSS—a revolutionary breakthrough in the sector—won the esteemed Golden Leaf Award for breakthrough, confirming the brand's leadership in product innovation globally.

These several honors honor VAPORESSO's outstanding accomplishments as well as its contributions to the expansion and improvement of the sector as a whole. Staying loyal to its initial goal, VAPORESSO believes that ordinary things become remarkable through action. It is dedicated to upholding its three fundamental brand values—INNOVATION, RELIABILITY, and STYLE—and seeks to solve problems facing the industry by coming up with creative solutions. With an unshakable dedication to quality, VAPORESSO seeks to become a reputable global leader brand that provides its cherished users and clients with experiences that are unmatched.


Dedicated to improving the lives of its users and bringing about a world free of smoke, VAPORESSO was founded in 2015. VAPORESSO manufactures products that cater to a wide range of vaping styles and skill levels, thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality control, ongoing innovation, and tremendous effort.

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