Press Release: MEMERS VAPE: Shenzhen SKE Technology Opens a New Era in Vaping Innovation

Shenzhen SKE Technology keeps moving forward in 2024 and introduces MEMERS VAPE as part of its multi-brand strategy.
MEMERS VAPE: Shenzhen SKE Technology

With great pride, Shenzhen SKE Technology, a forerunner in the vaping business for over ten years, presents MEMERS VAPE, their latest innovation. Since its founding in 2013, Shenzhen SKE Technology has continuously set the standard for vape technology, winning praise from all quarters and amassing a sizable user base in 70 nations.

Shenzhen SKE Technology keeps moving forward in 2024 and introduces MEMERS VAPE as part of its multi-brand strategy. With the goal of changing market trends and satisfying changing customer wants, the company's dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovation is embodied in this new brand.

Positioned as the “advocate and innovator of electronic atomization technology and application,” MEMERS VAPE is dedicated to breaking new ground in the fields of invention and technology. It targets both smokers and e-cigarette fans with its cutting-edge electronic atomization devices in an effort to promote quitting smoking.

The "MEME" culture on the internet serves as the inspiration for MEMERS, which is all about having fun, being creative, and interacting with others. This brand's emphasis on uniqueness and shared experiences connects with today's popular culture. MEMERS VAPE is a bridge across cultures, more than just an e-cigarette brand. It unites people from different backgrounds.

A Miniaturized Integrated Technology System Ecosystem Platform called "MITS Ecosystem Platform '' is introduced by MEMERS. This cutting-edge platform will shortly be released and focuses on combining many technologies into a small system. It includes big data, IoT modules, and an AI platform called "HiSMK," the first AI platform in the history of the e-cigarette business, which will be introduced by Shenzhen SKE Technology. It also boasts high integration, quick heating, and consistent flavour.

Shenzhen SKE Technology has created "HiSMK," a worldwide groundbreaking artificial intelligence knowledge graph in the electronic cigarette sector. It wants to evolve into an ecosystem platform that drives the growth of the sector. In order to connect and engage with users, engage in e-cigarette cultural exchange and services, use AI big models to continuously evolve consumer demands, and ultimately realize the full chain functionality of I2C (consumer ideas to consumers), this platform uses AI as the underlying technology support.

In the first and second quarters of 2024, MEMERS plans to introduce a number of cutting-edge products, such as disposable, open-pod, and closed-pod systems. These goods have the potential to completely change the vaping experience, especially the ones that use AI technology.

The MEMERS team combines a wealth of global expertise and a strong confidence in the potential of the vaping business. The team is made up of specialists from prominent corporations globally. They're prepared to rewrite the history of vaping by upholding the motto of "new technology & innovation."

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