POWER ALPHA 2.0: FEELM Unveils Revolutionary Charge-Free Vape Solution, Offering 15,000+ Puffs

Along with it all, POWER ALPHA 2.0 includes a number of screen display solutions. Visitors to the TPE can view the unique long runway strip display, which shows the e-liquid level in real time after vaping it.

POWER ALPHA technology

On January 31, 2024, FEELM, a leading producer of closed-system vape solutions, launched POWER ALPHA 2.0, the world's first charge-free disposable technology solution for huge puffs. It is the world's first charge-free solution for over 15,000 puffs, eliminating the need for frequent charging in popular huge puff vapes.

Previous sources indicated that the original POWER ALPHA technology could only withstand 6,000 puffs without charging. This update has more than doubled to 15,000 puffs. Furthermore, it efficiently addressed the issue of decaying tastes in cotton mesh coils, resulting in consistently accurate flavors in each puff.

Patented battery technology; charge-free huge puffs.

With the global economy under stress, customers are looking for more cost-effective items, and demand for large-puff products is expected to rise. According to research, customers are quickly reaching the cut-off line of 10,000 puffs, which is the minimum puff count for disposable items.

The change from small to giant puffs improved the user experience and cost-effectiveness, but it also introduced new issues. Problems such as the difficulty in finding charging outlets or the product's lack of portability result in certain goods being underutilized before disposal. For example, a disposable vape with 10,000 puffs that is used often may require charging every half day, for a total of 3-5 charges over its lifetime. If no charging option is provided, a consumer may be inconvenienced by having to carry a charging line or forced to purchase a new one.

To address this issue, FEELM began developing charge-free battery technology that would power large-puff vapes as early as 2022. The effort paid off in 2023, when it was revealed as the revolutionary technology, POWER ALPHA. It could handle 6,000 puffs without needing to be recharged back then. This time, with the number of puffs in disposable goods continuously growing, FEELM has grabbed the lead once more by introducing POWER ALPHA 2.0, a charge-free disposable solution for over 15,000 puffs.

POWER ALPHA2.0 features the world's first "TOPOWER" technology. Based on this technology, POWER ALPHA2.0's battery cells have a 40% higher energy density than other products of the same size, allowing them to be 40% smaller than other goods with the same amount of power.

The exceedingly low self-discharge rate adds to the benefits. A 700% lower self-discharge rate than competitors on the market, which can result in a longer shelf life and greater support for customers' global market rollout.

Unique MESH continuous power solution, finest flavor in every puff.

Consumers are accustomed to the issue of large puffs diminishing flavor quality with continuous use. Professional diagnostics demonstrate that flavor fading is caused by battery power depletion as the device is utilized with cotton coils for an extended period of time.

This is where POWER ALPHA 2.0 achieves another significant breakthrough. It features a revolutionary MESH constant power system, resulting in a taste that is 300% more consistent than other products on the market.

With a significant increase in vapor volume and atomization efficiency, POWER ALPHA2.0 allows you to thoroughly vaporize your e-liquids for richer, deeper flavors. Each puff remains strong, with each pull delivering the greatest flavor possible. Experiment results reveal that the POWER ALPHA2.0 solution's atomization efficiency has increased by 200%, as well as a 49% increase in vapor volume when compared to competing goods. The stats reveal a clear advantage.

Innovative product experience, intelligent interactive technology

There has been a global trend in the throwaway markets. Smarter products are the craze, and they have swept the market with interactive screen displays and applications. In addition to addressing people's daily taste and flavor experience needs, disposable vapes are becoming increasingly integrated with electronic consumer products, making them smarter through interactive technology.

FEELM has always been committed to technology innovation and product improvements to improve the user experience, continually introducing top-tier items to the worldwide market. Previously, FEELM led the European market in introducing the world's first ceramic core disposable solution, FEELM Max. It provides consumers with a different type of experience, a softer and more delicate taste in vape. It comes with a transparent e-liquid container that allows consumers to keep track of their usage at any time. Solving the consumer anxiety caused by not knowing how much e-liquid was left, which plagued the European market at the time.

Along with it all, POWER ALPHA 2.0 includes a number of screen display solutions. Visitors to the TPE can view the unique long runway strip display, which shows the e-liquid level in real time after vaping it.

The FEELM crew on-site explained that FEELM has prepared a variety of clever display solutions, including curved screens, touch screens, and more. Interactive technology solutions vary depending on the needs of the customer.

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