OXBAR & Pod Juice Introduce Magic Maze Pro, the First Disposable with Adjustable Wattage

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro redefines the norm for disposable vaping devices with its variable airflow, adjustable wattage function, Smart LED display, and excellent throat hit.
OXBAR & Pod Juice Introduce Magic Maze Pro
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Disposable Power The First Disposable Power Adaptable In The World
LED Display Intelligent LED display
Adaptable Airflow Adaptable Airflow Regulation
Vaping Encounter An Enhanced Vaping Encounter
Co-Branded Co-Branded Creative
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The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro is a revolutionary advancement in the disposable vaping device market. This ground-breaking device, the first disposable with adjustable wattage in history, promises to revolutionize vaping through a plethora of cutting-edge technologies and exquisite design.

The First Disposable Power Adaptable In The World

You can take total control of your vaping experience with the Magic Maze Pro. You may quickly flip between five different power settings, ranging from 11 to 15 watts, by just pressing a button. With such remarkable versatility, you can adjust your vaporizer to produce precisely the right amount of vapor and flavor strength for a vaping experience that is genuinely customized to your tastes.

Disposable Power

Intelligent LED display

The Magic Maze Pro is equipped with a state-of-the-art Smart LED Display, providing you with real-time insight into your e-liquid and battery levels. Stay informed about your remaining power and avoid unexpected interruptions. Furthermore, it offers a clear view of your current power levels and wattage settings, ensuring easy adjustments to suit your individual taste.

Smart Display

Adaptable Airflow Regulation

Discover the adaptability of the Magic Maze Pro with its unique bottom adjustable airflow feature. Switch between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and restricted direct-to-lung (RDL) vaping methods with ease. The adjustable airflow control makes sure that your vape may be customized exactly to your preferences, whether you like a tighter draw or a more open airflow. Try a variety of airflow configurations to find the ideal balance between flavor and vapor density.

Adaptable Airflow Regulation

An Enhanced Vaping Encounter

With its 1.0 Ω UNIONE® mesh coil, the Magic Maze Pro ensures a steady flavor hit from the first to the final puff. Its 50 milligram nic salt composition offers a smooth and pleasant throat impact. You may enjoy prolonged vaping sessions without worrying about running out of juice quickly because to the strong 900mAh battery. Long wait times are eliminated when charging is necessary thanks to the Type-C charging connector, which guarantees a speedy and effective operation.

The Magic Maze Pro is a highly functional device that also has a sophisticated and fashionable appearance. Constructed from robust PC materials, it guarantees the device's longevity while grabbing attention with its striking look. This disposable vape is sure to leave a lasting impression, whether you use it on the fly or show it off to friends.

Co-Branded Creative

Together, OXBAR and POD JUICE have developed the jointly branded MAGIC MAZE PRO. Pre-filling the renowned MAGIC MAZE PRO gadget with POD JUICE's highly acclaimed Jewel Edition and other fruity e-liquids is the unique cooperation. With this ground-breaking collaboration, the best e-liquids and vaping technology will be combined to provide the ultimate vaping experience.


The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro redefines the norm for disposable vaping devices with its variable airflow, adjustable wattage function, Smart LED display, and excellent throat hit. Its attractiveness is further enhanced by its sophisticated design and sturdy construction. The Magic Maze Pro is unquestionably a gadget you should give serious consideration to if you want to enhance your vaping experience with a disposable that provides simplicity and customization.


Developed by the original OXVA team, who have been heavily involved in the e-cigarette business for over 10 years, OXBAR is a quickly developing and dynamic vaping brand that brings vast technical, marketing, and production experience to the table. OXBAR manufactures professional disposable and closed pod systems and offers excellent OEM/ODM services. With more than thirty seasoned R&D personnel committed to ongoing innovation and reform of disposable products, OXBAR has developed strong, long-lasting relationships with distributors in Southeast Asia, the EU, and the US.

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.oxbar.com/
Address: #602, Block 1. Wan Ting BLDG. Baoyuan Rd#3012. Xixiang. Shenzhen.China

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