Breaking News: Experience Flavor Bursts in Just 0.5 Seconds! FEELM Unveils World's First Burst Power Ceramic Coil

Finally, this method can accommodate numerous forms of use. Those who enjoy experiencing powerful bursts of power vapor can select the 'Burst' option.
Breaking News: Experience Flavor Bursts in Just 0.5 Seconds!
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Full Explosion Full explosion in 0.5 seconds! Enjoy the finest of every puff
Chemical Fiber Forget the chemical fiber; achieve new heights


Feb. 01, 2024 - FEELM, the world's premier vape solution supplier, has announced the release of FEELM TURBO, the world's first burst power ceramic coil vaping solution. This solution takes advantage of cutting-edge ceramic coil technology to provide consumers with an explosion of flavor. It is unparalleled in its ability to offer intense tastes, forceful vapor in the shortest amount of time, and an incredibly extended product life.

Products equipped with FEELM TURBO are smaller in size than other high-powered vapes but produce an even greater burst of vapor. This technology is also perfectly suited to the two primary vape categories, disposables, and pod systems, allowing customers to design differentiated solutions to capture the market.

Full explosion in 0.5 seconds! Enjoy the finest of every puff

What is the best quality of high burst power? FEELM believes that it must provide three crucial elements: a quick time to full burst, significant vapor volume, and a compelling, memorable impression that connects with people.

FEELM, a ceramic coil technology pioneer, has focused its knowledge on designing a specific burst power ceramic coil solution. Despite its modest size, this scientific marvel can provide an astonishing 200% increase in taste intensity. It efficiently atomizes big molecules while improving e-liquid fragrance recovery, resulting in a more flavorful and gratifying hit. With a burst duration of under 0.5 seconds, it surpasses conventional items on the market by much. Tests reveal that just one of the burst power ceramic coils outperforms two MESH coils.

At this year's TPE exhibition, FEELM displayed an ultra-thin burst power disposable product with this novel solution. With a body thickness of only 14mm, the device wowed customers with its exquisite thinness, superb feel, and powerful initial puff. It certainly lives up to the phrase "thin yet powerful!"

The FEELM TURBO solution, powered by this innovative coil, is another FEELM milestone. This very efficient atomization process produces substantially more vapor with lower power settings. When compared to dual MESH products on the market, FEELM TURBO outperforms them by 80%, providing a more flavorful experience.

Furthermore, FEELM TURBO features continuous power engine technology, which provides consistent flavor and vapor volume over the product's lifetime. Users can experience the same delicious taste with each puff, as opposed to conventional goods, where flavor frequently fades to bland. Compared to competitors, FEELM TURBO products show a 35% improvement in flavor consistency and an astounding 95% consistency in vapor volume.

Forget the chemical fiber; achieve new heights

Ceramic coils offer a significantly higher puff count than chemically treated cotton-based coils. This is due to the fact that cotton fibers naturally absorb and consume e-liquid, whereas ceramic pores can securely lock in e-liquid to fully evaporate, considerably increasing vaporization efficiency.

In 2022, FEELM introduced FEELM Max, the world's first ceramic coil disposable solution. It produced a significant advance in terms of puff count, which is critical for the TPD market.

Products with FEELM Max can enhance the number of puffs by at least 30% when using the same 2mL of e-liquid as other cotton-based products. A market that had previously struck a ceiling of 600 puffs was able to break through to 800 puffs and was well on its way to reaching the goal of 1,000 puffs.

FEELM TURBO has the distinct advantage of ceramic coils. In TURBO, e-liquid usage exceeds 98%, and the number of puffs increases. Whereas cotton-based goods can reach 15,000 puffs, the same amount of e-liquid in FEELM TURBO solution products can exceed 18,000 puffs.

The FEELM TURBO is ideal for pod-system vapes, providing 15,000 puffs per pod. In addition, the solution employs maze leak-proof technology, which isolates the e-liquid to prevent leakage. A problem that has existed since the industry's inception.

Finally, this method can accommodate numerous forms of use. Those who enjoy experiencing powerful bursts of power vapor can select the 'Burst' option. Those who like a more general, smoother vapor can select the "Smooth" mode. Giving consumers the ability to switch at will and experience whatever their mood dictates.

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