Super 800 Puffs By Puff Bar Plus Are Perfect For Summer Vibes

Super 800 Puffs By Puff Bar Plus Are Perfect For Summer Vibes

Are you vaping to relish the flavored nicotine clouds? There are many vape devices through which you can engage your palates to the tasteful vaping experiment but those who enjoy vaping with a pod mod should certainly take a look at the flavors of the extended version of the original Puff Bars that comes by the name Puff Bar Plus. An ultimate taste list that brings in all the goodness of summers.

Not only does it serve more no. of clouds that are 800+ but it also has advanced flavors which would make your throats and tongues happy and contented that too without compromising on the nicotine concentration which is strong 5% per the weight of the vape juice of 3.5ml.

This fastest-advancing vape can give you the mess-free cigarette feels that is equivalent to fagging around 20 cigarettes but with a comparatively safer method. So, let us quickly give you a run-through on its flavors so that you can pick up the most suitable one for yourself.

Detailed Word-Display of the Flavors of Puff Bar Plus

Cool Mint- Give your senses an invigorating pleasure of the cool minty leaves that are refreshing and can wake you up from the monotony of the day. If you still haven’t tried this flavor that is mostly the classic favorite of many, now is the time that you should. It will give you the perfect tasteful vaping blast.

Guava Ice- Craving something fresh and cool to make your summers exciting? Try this vape flavor by Puff Bar Plus that is loaded with the enriching flavor of guava that tastes “real”. The best part is the undertones of mint which keep adding the hits with the freshness of ice!

Lychee Ice- Another refreshment for summers that is sweet and matured with the juice of ripeness! Again for those who just don’t want to detach themselves from the sunny days!

Peach Ice- A delectable vape juice combo that meddles the fruity sugar of peaches plucked freshly and extracts of authentic menthol leaves. These nicotine vapors taste just as if you are sipping on a peach lemonade from some sterling space renowned for frozen drinks!

Watermelon- Nothing beats better than the taste of frozen watermelons during summertimes and here is the center of vape attraction to which no one would say no to! This vape flavor is juiced up with the original juice of watermelons that are sweet to the core!

Strawberry Watermelon- Another taste to engage with watermelons but with a slight twist of the strawberries that are plucked from the fields and straight away put to the nicotine juice of Puff Bar Plus. Double up your cravings for sweetness with this luscious e-juice!

Mixed Berry- Blast of berries that will make you go crazy. This vape flavor is made by mixing multiple berries that are known to give the finest twist to your tongues during a summer day! It tastes like a berry shake and will keep you wondering for its unique blend. Let’s see if you could guess all the berries that it holds!

Vape Summers with Icy Fruits!

So, cease your wait for some awesome fruity and icy flavors that are just amazing to beat the heat or welcome one for your senses to feel relaxed. Invite your friends and raise cheers to summertime by sharing the above-discussed e- juices that would keep them coming back for more! The vapor pull is uber smooth and Puff Bar Plus needs no maintenance. Vape and throw!

WARNING: Nicotine is addictive and harmful. Not for Minors and lactating women! Vape Wisely!

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