Gift Your Vaper Friend A Puff Bar Plus This Friendship Day

Gift Your Vaper Friend A Puff Bar Plus This Friendship Day

The creators at Puff Plus designed a simple disposable at an affordable rate but with many tasty flavours, advanced features, and easy accessibility. Containing 3.2ml of pre-filled salt nicotine, Puff Bar Plus provides some satisfactory mouth-to-lung. The device is powered by a 550mAh built-in battery. Its sleek design and extremely pocket-friendly features are just perfect for an on the go vapour. 

 The device is low maintenance with no refilling, or coil changes requirement. With an 800+ puff count, the pod provides maximum convenience and efficiency. Each flavour gives you an extreme burst of energy that you cannot even imagine. With more than 15 exotic flavours, Puff Plus is truly a pro. 

So, let’s check out what each flavour of this exotic device has for you in the room. 

  1. Apple Ice - An ideal flavour to celebrate friendship day. This will remind you of a chilled apple juice that we use to drink in childhood. If you need a little peaceful escape from the summer heat, apple ice is the flavour for you. 
  1. Lychee Watermelon Ice - A freaking delicious flavour that can awaken your senses just with a couple of puffs. Lychees with a hint of watermelons and ice with each exhale, lychee watermelon ice is your way to go. 
  1. Lychee Ice - A must-have flavour for your daily cravings and simply dispose of when finished. Lychee ice has a juicy, plum lychees flavour shaken over a cup of ice for an extra cool finish. 
  1. Gummy Bear Iced - This is the smoothest most extravagant gummy flavour that you will discover. With notes of strong gummy bears on each inhale, gummy bear iced offers icy and menthol finish on the breath out. 
  1. Unicorn Milk - An out of the world blend of fresh strawberries, warm custard and four delectable creams. Unicorn milk blasts off to a whole new world of flavour with this super dessert ejuice. 
  1. Custard Lemon Pie - There’s plenty of enjoyment in each custard lemon pie disposable. It actually tastes like a freshly baked ake topped with the most delectable custard and slices of lemon. 
  1. Lychee Peach Ice - One of the hottest flavours in the vaping history that suited for a flavourful and tight drawing disposable. The lychee peach ice delivers all the flavour goodness that you have come to expect. 
  1. Aloe Grape - A smooth fruit flavour that makes it an easy all day vape. Alow Grape is a blend of aloe muddled in a tall glass of grape juice for an exquisitely exciting flavour. This will definitely be your new top pick. 
  1. Tropical Blast - Blast of oranges and berries with a hint of mint and ice in each exhale. It is extremely flavourful and it never gets old. Even if you vape this forever, the tropical blast would still be fresh tasting. 
  1. Strawberry Peach - Combining the delicious flavours of strawberries and peaches. Strawberry Peach by Puff Bar Plus are hand-picked juicy and plum strawberries shaken over a cup of peach juice. 

Have You Tried The Puff Bar Plus?

 Lasts up to 800 puffs, Puff Plus has a plethora of yummy flavours that can hit you differently. Each flavour has a charm and story to tell. From dessert to fresh juice flavour, Puff Bar Plus is winning hearts all over. And what’s the best part? No fuss of refilling or maintaining, just use and dispose of whenever the battery runs out. 


So are you ready to create an amazing vape journey with your vaper friends? Get a couple of flavours, ride through the hills, and vape like a pro with a disposable that never disappoints. 

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