Dense Clouds And Strong Hits With The Puff Bar Plus

Dense Clouds And Strong Hits With The Puff Bar Plus

Have you tried the new Puff Bar Plus yet? A disposable vape that has an out of the world taste with its natural flavour, texture, and sweetness. Puff Bar Plus is just ideal to calm your vaping needs. It has a variety of flavours with some being too creamy and others being juicy and tangy. 

Puff Bar Plus has some clean-tasting flavours with a massive tank and battery that can be used to every last drop. So start your day with this exclusive pod and have a stress-free vaping session. It comes pre-filled with 3.2ml e-liquid, 5%  of salt nicotine, an in-built battery of 550mAh allowing up to 800 satisfactory throat hits. 

The device is ultra-compact, leakproof, allows fresh and clean taste, and deliver the smoothest airflow ever found in this range of disposables. It also operates a draw-activated firing mechanism that does not require any buttons or screens to start vaping. Starts working right away you screw it in your mouth and inhale. 

New Puff Bar Plus Flavours

#1 Gummy Bear Iced

A bold flavour that delivers all the goodness of gummy bears followed by a cooling sensation of ice and menthol. It will fill your mouth with the taste of fruit gummies, bringing out an amazing flavour to vape the whole day. The best is when a splash of ice joins your taste buds at the end. So just sit back, relax and get gummy bears with Puff Bar Plus.

#2 Filipino Mango 

Are you a huge mango lover? Well, you can have an exotic taste of fresh and ripe mangoes each, all season now. If you are thinking to enjoy the richness of tropical mangoes, you’ll be blown away with this bright, intense flavour Filipino Mango. This pod has some creamy notes and a flowing set of jazz that will take you to the summer holidays. 

#3 Strawberry Watermelon

A beautiful combo with a blend of freshly handpicked, authentic and delicious strawberries on the inhale and natural flavours of juicy watermelons on the exhale. This duo tastes like a cocktail of exotic fruits that will take you on a trip to warm and pleasant beaches. This flavour is perfect to begin vaping as it has a beautiful flavour that you cannot stop thinking about. 

#4 Lychee Peach Ice

Is your taste buds craving for a pure tropical punch? Lychee Peach ice is designed to captivate your taste buds. One puff and you will enjoy a yummy blend of lychee and peach juice poured over a glass of ice. The fruits are mixed with menthol for a soothing twist. The taste of juicy and sugary lychees and ripe, summer peaches are guaranteed to make you want more and more. 

#5 Custard Lemon Pie 

This flavour has a league of its own. Custard lemon pie has all you could possibly want that is sweet and silky, creamy, fresh lime and the most buttery and delicate pie crisp. Every puff of this pod tastes like a freshly baked pie baked straight from the grandma’s kitchen. The lime makes the flavour more refreshing and the warm custard goes just perfectly. 

Try Puff Bar Plus Right Now

If you want an explosion of tropical fruits with cooling exhales then get the Puff Plus now. This will take your taste buds straight to the keys. Vote for the flavour you like the most. We’ll be covering more flavours of this unique pod in our next blog. So, till then keep vaping and do not forget to try any of these splendid flavours!

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