Jam Monster e-cigarette Reviews: Features and Flavours

Jam Monster e-cigarette Reviews: Features and Flavours

Jam Monster is well known in the vaping community for their expertly crafted American juices that offer traditional flavors with a modern twist. These juices have a pretty realistic bread, butter and jam profile. To create large, pleasant clouds, they are carefully mixed. As a leading provider of premium vape products they take pride in themselves to provide a wide variety of Jam Monster e-liquid flavors. Not only does Jam Monster's juice taste fantastic, it also comes in expertly designed Chubby Gorilla bottles. As they help prevent spills and preserve precious juice, people admire how efficiently these bottles work. Want to know more about them? Read this text.

Is Jam Monster worth trying?

There seems to be an e-juice store for every niche flavor these days. There are a variety of small boutique establishments that cater to the desires of vapers with special interests, from connoisseurs of tobacco like Black Note to establishments that specialize in desserts and sweets. One such company is Jam Monster, which has three flavors of e-liquid inspired by the pairing of jam and toast. Their range is complemented by three different jams: strawberry, apple and blueberry. Despite the huge bottles, amazing-sounding flavors and eccentric designs, do e-juices live up to expectations? Of Course it does. 

Jam Monster isn't going to revolutionize the e-cigarette industry or become the e-liquid everyone needs, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't smoke these e-cigarettes. Strawberry definitely tops the list of flavors when it comes to enjoyment, but every flavor in this range has potential all day use for fruit and candy lovers.A reasonable $29.99 for a large 100ml bottle For the price, it's very good and worth the purchase.

About packaging and design

Both the packaging and the design work by Jam Monster are amazing. The boxes in which the bottles are placed have the same style as the bottles themselves. Red for strawberry, blue for blueberry and green for apple are the main colors which all seem to run down the bottle revealing a checkered pattern at the bottom reminiscent of a marmalade jar pattern. At the bottom is a small shape of a jam monster with evil eyes, menacingly holding a spoonful of jam. Overall, the design is fantastic; it's unusual, but it has personality and the result is a set of bottles that appeals to the eye.

In addition, the labels and outer packaging of the bottles are printed with all the necessary information. They have "Jam Monster" and the flavor name written on the front, along with the usual set of warnings and nicotine content, PG/VG ratio and other information. Each bottle includes a batch number and date of birth, giving consumers more confidence in the quality of the product.

Jam Monster made a very wise decision to partner with Chubby Gorilla and Wick n Vape, the companies behind Cotton Bacon. Chubby Gorilla makes 100ml plastic bottles that are chubby, squat, squeezable and have drip spouts. In order to unscrew the cap, you must press down on it because they are also child-proof. You also receive a tiny pack of Cotton Bacon "Bits" in each package along with your bottle as a neat little bonus.

While some vapers might prefer glass bottles or smaller containers, the packaging and design from Jam Monster are generally excellent.

Jam Monster Fascinating Flavours

Here is a list of flavours to try:

  • Strawberry: The names of the varieties from Jam Monster only reveal the jam flavor present and consist of bread, butter and a certain type of jam. The strawberry flavor thus takes center stage in Strawberry and is masterfully captured overall. Although the fruit flavor is present, the real jam-like richness makes it seem more like a candy or dessert flavor than a fruity alternative.

 It's pretty hard to fault strawberry e-juice. The bread components of the toast effectively and gently support the fruit. As a result, the e-juice is pleasantly rounded, sweet and pleasant, making it a great choice for all-day vaping.

  • Apple: Jam Monster's Apple jam option picks up where Strawberry left off. The undercurrent of the toast is the same, and there's definitely a silky buttery smoothness to this one, but the apple flavor that gives the drink its name rounds it all off. The apple in this picture is not actually realistic; rather, it has the sweetness and tang of a candied apple with a strong emphasis on sweetness. Another excellent juice from Jam Monster is this one. Although the apple flavor is not as strong as the strawberry flavor, it still goes down just as smoothly with its smoothness and candy-like sweetness.
  • Blueberry: This is the same as the previous e-juices, as you may have guessed at this point, but with a predominant blueberry flavor. Due to the delicacy of the blueberry, the taste initially resembles an apple rather than a strawberry. Again, this means that the toast and butter are more prominent than in the strawberry. But in this case, the blueberry flavor is actually rather mild. Although you can hear some distinctive tones, nothing stands out and grabs your attention. Overall, this is another excellent Jam Monster flavor. Due to the bland qualities of the blueberry, it does not reach the caliber of the other two in the lineup.

 To end

 It's typical for someone to pick up one bottle of Jam Monster and then want to try every flavor. It is highly recommended to  try PB & Jam if you like fruity e-liquids but can't find a grape flavor you like. It has a deliciously fruity flavor profile and undertones of peanut butter give it a spicy kick that takes the taste of grape jam to a whole new level.

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