Understanding the Basics: Vaping and How to Make Your Own E-juice

Understanding the Basics: Vaping and How to Make Your Own E-juice

Vaping has surged in popularity over the last few years, and with good reason. Compared to the dangers of smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping involves negligible risks. However, there is still a lot that goes into it. Understanding the different parts of a vape device, how e-juices are made, and how you can make your own e-juice at home can go a long way in helping you make informed decisions about your vaping habits.

However, this article is not an exhaustive treatise on everything related to vaping and making your own ejuice at home. Instead, we’ll give you just enough information to get started without getting too technical.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling aerosol through an electronic device. The most popular applications of vaping are as a tobacco cessation aid and as an alternative to smoking cannabis. Vaping is an umbrella term that covers a variety of different devices and practices.

The most popular devices for vaping are the vaporizer pen and the e-cigarette. The primary difference between these two devices is the method used to create vapor. Vaporizer pens use an atomizer or a cartomizer to create a vapor mist by heating e-liquid (we’ll get to what that is later).

E-cigarettes use a different method that is somewhere between smoking and vaping. E-cigarettes have a small chamber that holds a small amount of Vape Liquid. As you draw on the device, the liquid is heated and turns into an aerosol vapor that you inhale.

How Does Vaping Work?

There are two main parts to a vaporizer device: the battery and the tank or cartridge. When you click the activation button, the battery sends an electrical charge through the vaping tank. This charge causes the tank to heat up. The heating process releases a vapor mist consisting of liquid, flavoring, and nicotine if applicable. The heating process is different for each device.

Some batteries heat up the tank while others heat a piece of metal that heats the tank. Some also have a combination of these two heats. For example, the coil of an atomizer heats up when you activate the battery. The heating process is also responsible for changing the liquid in the tank into vapor. The liquid in the tank is either dissolved or suspended in the tank with a solvent or base. When the liquid is heated, the solvent is released leaving only the flavoring, nicotine, and coloring behind.

Why Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

The primary reason vaping is safer than smoking is the lack of combustion. To understand the benefits of vaping over smoking, you first have to understand what happens when you combust something.

When you burn something, you create a toxic mix of chemicals. This is the reason why the carcinogenic effects of smoking are so dangerous. When you burn something, it creates a lot of smoke. This smoke consists of the original material that was burned, as well as a number of chemicals left behind by the burning process. For example, burning tobacco leaves behind harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and ammonia.

The Parts of a Vape Device

The vaporizer pen is one of the most popular devices for vaping. A vaporizer pen is a small, handheld device that resembles a pen. The main part of the device is the tank. This is where you load the e-liquid.

Vaporizer pens almost always come with a tank. With the tank, you can either fill the tank with an e-liquid from a store or make your own e-liquid at home. A button or a switch is used to turn the battery on and off.

The battery is charged with a charger and has a small LED light that glows while it is charging and turns off when it is fully charged. The mouthpiece is a small part attached to the tank by a tube. The mouthpiece is where you inhale the vapor.

How to Make Your Own E-Juice at Home?

Making your own e-juice is an excellent way to try vaping as an alternative to smoking. You can also make your own e-juice if you are allergic to the chemicals used in commercial e-juice.

All you need to make your own e-juice at home is water, propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine if you want it. A great way to make your own e-juice at home is by using a blender.

First, pour all the ingredients into the blender and blend them together until they are thoroughly mixed. You can use an e-juice calculator to determine the quantity of ingredients you need to make your e-juice.


Vaping is a healthier way to enjoy your favorite dried herbs and liquids than smoking. It is a convenient and discreet way to take in your favorite aromatherapy, cannabis, and nicotine. Vaping is a great hobby because there are lots of products and accessories you can choose from.

That said, there is still a lot to learn about vaping. Understanding the basics of how vaping works, how e-juices are made, and the different parts of a vape Juice device can go a long way in helping you make informed decisions about your vaping habits.

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