The Jam Monster Vape Juice: Why Is This A Wise Decision?

The Jam Monster Vape Juice: Why Is This A Wise Decision?

The Jam Monster vape juice company's catchphrase is concise and the ideal way to describe their premium juices: "Scary good!" Jam Monster e-juice is a favorite among novice and seasoned vapers because it blends outstanding flavor with spectacular cloud products. The brand is well-liked and respected in the vaping community, and the excellence of its goods speaks for itself. Unlike many other juice producers, Jam Monster hasn't let the search for novel flavors divert them from their primary objective: making juice that tastes excellent, plain, and simple.

Crazy flavor combos can appear to be a fun alternative, but far too frequently, the flavor is muddied by including so many different flavor characteristics. In the end, vapers encounter a vape that tastes like sugary sweet nothing and throws the bottle in the garbage.

A Little More About The Jam Monster Vape Juice Collection!

One of the most well-known e-liquid brands at the time is Jam Monster. We've been wanting to get our hands on this stuff for a while because almost every vape store has at least one of their three varieties. we’re able to review the full range because of a recent offer from the lads at Vapor4Life. As a result, we were able to vape these juices for about a week, which allowed me to completely understand why they are so popular.

Before we discuss the juice itself, there are a few packaging-related points we want to mention because the company that created the Juice Monster brand, Fresh Juice Company, is using a somewhat different approach. There are only 100 ml gorilla bottles of juice available, and they arrive in huge cardboard boxes with wonderful graphics on them. 

All of them appear to be excellent choices, but if we were novice vapers attempting to choose a juice, we would unquestionably choose Jam Monster simply because of the attractiveness of their packaging. You may see what we mean by looking at the pictures we included throughout this text.

The packaging includes enticing pictograms, a cartoon monster that is creeping up on the box, as well as the legally required warnings and all the pertinent information, such as the nicotine level and PG/VG ratio. There is even a sweet poem about the Jam Monster. This is without a doubt one of the most attractive box designs we’ve ever seen from a marketing perspective, and based on how well-liked the line is, it appears to be effective.

The terrific extra that the Jam Monster juice containers provide is the most outstanding aspect. Each box contains a 100 ml bottle of juice and a bag of Cotton Bacon cotton bits, both of which RDA users can never have enough of. This is, in our opinion, the business's way of saying "thank you" for purchasing its goods as well as a subliminal hint that its juice is best vaporized in an RDA, a hint we wholeheartedly support. Keep in mind that these enormous gorilla bottles can be a little tricky to open the first time due to their plastic closures. Even if it requires a lot of labor, if you are unable to finish it, you may simply cut the seals with a knife or other sharp object. They feature an extremely narrow unicorn tub that fits into even the tiniest fill ports, so you don't have to worry about leaking, which is why we enjoy them.

The juice itself comes in three flavors—Strawberry, Blueberry, and Apple—and three nicotine strengths—0, 3, and 6 mg/ml. We only advise using sub-ohm tanks or RDAs to vape these because they are pretty thick and all three flavors have the same VG/PG ratio (75VG/25PG). Even though they are on the sweet side, all of the juices We've tried have been clear, and they don't appear to harm coils as quickly as juices with deeper colors, despite being on the clear side.

Jam Monster: A Powerful Item in Your Vape Juice Collection!

  • Jam Monster doesn't skimp on quality to save money or time; instead, the company creates juices with a commitment to quality above all else. Every bottle of Jam Monster juice is produced via their patented technique, which has been painstakingly refined over time.

  • Every drop of the premium vape juice made by the knowledgeable Jam Monster staff demonstrates their skill. They've increased the VG content to enhance vapor production on any device because they realize that chasing clouds is a big part of vaping fun.

Traditional Flavors that Vapers Love and Recognize

  • Jam Monster is recognized for keeping things sweet, simple, and delectable, so you won't find any flavor names that are more than a mile long here. Making a straightforward flavor is more challenging than it appears, and many businesses fail to do it. The first time, Jam Monster hits the correct note because it sticks to a single flavor profile.

  • The Jam Monster Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple, Grape, and Blackberry juices will become new favorites for consumers. These drinks are a must-have on your shelves since they are fruity bliss without any extras.


This is quite an intriguing e-liquid, and we must say that they have successfully evoked the flavor of a strawberry jam toast. Upon inhalation, all you taste is strawberry jam, yet it's a pleasant sensation. We've had different jam varieties before, but they didn't taste as good or authentic as this. This was executed flawlessly. However, this e-liquid shines on the exhale as you receive everything promised in the description.

The strawberry jam is what you initially taste when you exhale, just like when you inhale. A butter relish comes next, and you can taste the bread's flavor. You have a pleasant buttery sensation at the end of the exhale, which makes you want to take another breath. Of all the flavor notes we detect in this e-juice; the strawberry flavor is unquestionably the strongest. It's impressive how closely this flavor replicates a real jam toast with butter, and we particularly like how it all comes together on the exhale.

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