Why Are Vaping Drip Tips So Important? Let’s Understand!

Why Are Vaping Drip Tips So Important? Let’s Understand!

The mouthpiece that rests atop your e-cigarette tank or atomizer is known as a drip tip. The phrase "Drip Tip" refers to their initial use with RDAs, when the wick was kept damp by sporadic e-juice trickling via the tip. Today, regardless of whether they are used for dripping, all atomizer mouthpieces are referred to by this word. For reasons of appearance, flavor, or vapor production, they are frequently replaced. There are many available variants, including:

Screw-in CE mouthpieces are used with starter kits and low-cost vape pens and are made for CE4/CE5/CE6 clearomisers.

The majority of modern high-performance atomizers use push-in 510 or 810 drip tips.

RDA push-on Top caps, which come in a range of sizes but are most usually seen in 22mm, 24mm, and 28.5mm, replace the whole top portion of the device, including the drip tip.

Drip tips designed specifically for tanks include those made for the Smok TFV16 and TFV-Mini V2 (TFV8 Baby V2) as well as the Athos, Atlantis, Cleito, Nautilus X, and PockeX from Aspire.

The 510 drip tip is the most popular type and is used by the majority of modern tanks, atomizers, and RDAs. It can be confusing to use the term "510," which is also used to refer to the screwed battery connection used on the majority of tanks and e-cigarettes. Even though certain devices have 510 battery connections, 510 drip tips cannot be used with them. If you are unsure, it is typically advisable to inquire with your tank supplier.

The second confusing component is the abbreviation CE. The CE mark, which is typically engraved on tanks but does not necessarily imply that the item is a CE model, attests to the tank's compliance with European Union laws.

The Different Materials For Vaping Drip Tips!

The term "plastic" describes a diverse range of substances. It usually refers to a less expensive substance that is less heat resistant or durable than engineering polymers like acetal when used in the context of vaping. However, the mouthpiece is kept colder because plastic is a powerful insulator. A wide variety of shapes and colors, such as opaque hues, Versicolor, and marble-like patterns, can also be easily made. As a result, it is ideal for general use and device customization but unsuitable for sub-ohm or high-power vaping. All plastics should be handled carefully because they are liable to shatter if dropped when bearing weight (like your tank or mod) and are dropped onto a hard surface. However, doing so can prevent damage to your far more expensive equipment.

Some e-liquid chemicals may cause certain plastic tanks and tips to crack, freeze, or even melt. Cola, absinthe, cinnamon, spearmint, and other citrus fruits are just a few examples of acidic or abrasive drinks that can be problematic. All e-liquids can be utilized with these substances because they are resistant to glass, metal, and acetal polymers like POM and PEI.

  • Acetal, polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde are a few other names for polyoxymethylene (POM). Precision products requiring high rigidity, low friction, and outstanding dimensional stability are created with this 175 °C thermoplastic. It is a synthetic polymer sold under the brand names Delrin®, Celcon®, Ramtal®, Duracon®, Kepital®, and Hostaform® that are made by numerous businesses using slightly different formulas. The most widely used materials for vaping are celcon or Delrin. Due to its excellent chemical inertness and outstanding heat endurance, this hard plastic is frequently utilized for vaporizer components. POM is only offered in neutral shades, typically white or black.
  • Polyetherimide (PEI), an amorphous thermoplastic, is frequently referred to by its brand name Ultem®. It is a thermoplastic that can withstand high temperatures, has a melting point that is higher than POM at 204–232 °C, and is flame- and solvent-resistant. PEI is recommended for high-power and sub-ohm vapers; it is often only available in opaque amber shades.
  • POM is slightly softer than Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), widely known as Teflon®, and it has a higher heat tolerance. Like the nonstick frying pan coating, it is slippery and has a very high melting point of 327 °C. The amazing part about it is how much easier washing is because our lips' dead skin and e-juice gunk don't stick to it.
  • These are excellent, incredibly strong tips. Carbon fiber, commonly referred to as graphite fiber, is extremely strong and light. It also has a high tensile strength. It is a wonderful insulator and perfect for vaping applications because of its exceptional chemical resistance and heat tolerance. The price is exorbitant, especially when compared to normal plastics, despite the attractive two-tone pattern.
  • Epoxy polymers provide excellent materials for vaporizer parts due to their excellent mechanical qualities, strong chemical and heat resistance, and variants with good thermal insulation. Because of the unique production process, no two drip tips will have the same color.
  • For a vape of high quality and purity, glass drip tips are advised, making them the perfect choice for taste enthusiasts. As a result of its resistance to these substances, which have been known to react with some plastic tips and tanks, it is ideal for use with abrasive or acidic e-liquids. Because glass is a good insulator, keeps the mouthpiece cool during vaping, and is more inert by nature, it can be used with all e-liquids. But there is a much greater chance that it will shatter. Typically known by brand names like Pyrex® and Duran®, borosilicate glass is mostly composed of silica and boron trioxide.

In The End!

The mouthpiece on your tank might be the aspect of vaping that you think about the least out of all the elements that affect how enjoyable it will be for you. This is problematic because every element of your vaping setup, even something that might seem a little like a Drip Tip, has the potential to slightly alter how you vape. Did you know that you could take the mouthpiece off of your vape tank and swap it out for a different one? Good luck, folks! 

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