What You Need to Know About Smok Nord Coils

What You Need to Know About Smok Nord Coils

If you’re a vaper who prefers sub-ohm vaping, you’ve probably come across the Nord coil from Smok. The company introduced this innovative new type of coil in its latest release of the TFV12 Cloud Beast Tank and the accompanying TFV12 Prince tank. 

Smok isn’t the first vape company to introduce a Nord coil - that distinction goes to Vaporesso, who launched its Revolver OCC coils at the end of 2017. However, Smok is one of only a few manufacturers that has brought this unique design to the mass market so its implementation is noteworthy. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about Smok Nord Coils.

What’s a Smok Nord Coil?

First, a quick review of the technology behind these coils. The Smok Nord coil is an air-core coil design. This means that the wire used for these coils is not wound around a traditional central heating element as you find in most sub-ohm coils. Instead, the wire is coiled around a series of air holes. 

As you vape, the heat from your build fires the wire and causes the coils to expand and contract. This in turn causes air to be sucked through the coils and into your tank. The air-core design is what gives these coils their name. Smok uses a patented dual-nested design for its Nord coils. Air flows through both the inner and outer coils, making them incredibly efficient. 

The result is a coil that vapes at a relatively cooler temperature than other sub-ohm coils and without the need for a separate heating element. This is a huge advantage as it means that the coils are more durable and less susceptible to shorts and breakage.

How Do Smok Nord Coils Differ from TFV8 Coils?

The TFV8 coils were the first sub-ohm coils Smok released. The company has been producing these coils since its first sub-ohm tank hit the market back in 2016. The TFV8 coils had a design very similar to the other sub-ohm coils on the market. 

They were wound around a central heating wire and used a similar chimney design to facilitate the flow of air. This coil design worked well and vapers love it for its long life and great flavor. However, it does have its flaws. Higher-ohm coils like the TFV8 work at a much higher temperature than their low-ohm counterparts. This makes them more susceptible to burns and dry hits. 

The central heating wire can also lead to a shorter lifespan and increased chances of shorting. The TFV8 coils are certainly a popular choice among vapers. However, the introduction of the Nord coils offers Smok users an alternative that addresses many of the flaws of the TFV8 coils.

Which Vape Devices Have Smok Nord Coils?

The TFV12 Prince and Cloud Beast sub-ohm tanks are the only devices available with Nord coils at the moment. While Smok hasn’t announced any future plans to bring the Nord coil to more devices, their air-core coil design is relatively new. It’s possible that we’ll see the Nord coil in more devices in the future. 

The TFV12 Prince is the latest addition to the Cloud Beast line. It features a huge 8ml tank, a top-filling design, and an impressive 0.10 ohm low-ohm coil. It also has an enhanced airflow system that allows for even greater airflow and cooling. 

The TFV12 Prince is designed for cloud chasers looking for a tank with high output and heavy flavor. The TFV12 Cloud Beast is the original Cloud Beast sub-ohm tank. It features a 6ml tank, a top-filling design, and an impressive 0.16 ohm low-ohm coil. 

The TFV12 Cloud Beast is designed for flavor chasers looking for a tank with high output and heavy flavor. These two tanks are the perfect platforms for the Nord coils. Their high-capacity tanks allow you to vape longer between refills and their large coils produce huge clouds. Both are also designed to handle the high amount of airflow and heat required to keep the coils cool.

What You Can vape with Nord Coils?

The straightforward answer is almost anything. The airflow design of the Nord coils makes them suitable for high and low-ohm builds. It also allows you to experiment with different builds and find the best setup for your preferences. The only thing to keep in mind when selecting a build is the recommended range for each coil. 

The TFV12 Prince coils are designed for use between 80 and 110 watts. The TFV12 Cloud Beast coils are designed for use between 100 and 180 watts. You can vape anything from a light-flavored flavour-focused build to a super low-ohm build with a high VG juice. The only thing that’s limiting you here is the power range of your mod and the liquid you use in your tank.

Why Are There so Much Discussions about Smok Nord Coils?

There are two main areas of discussion when it comes to the Nord coils: Performance and longevity. The Nord coils are designed to operate at a relatively cooler temperature than other sub-ohm coils. The air-core design also requires less energy to run than other coils. 

These two factors make the Nord coils much more durable than other coils. While you can’t expect a coil to last forever, the Nord coils seem particularly long-lasting. Vapers report getting 10 to 20 days of heavy use from one coil pack. The performance of the Nord coils is also a point of discussion. Because the coils run cooler, vapers report getting enhanced flavor with fewer dry hits than with other coils. 

The reduced temperature also makes the coils more suitable for high-VG juices and cloud chasers looking to produce massive clouds. The reduced temperature could also be responsible for the longevity of the coils.

Final Words

The Nord Coils are disruptive technology in the sub-ohm market. They bring a cooler, more flavor-focused coil to the table while also maintaining the high-end performance we expect from SMOK’s products. They are also durable compared to other coils and require less energy to run. 

The TFV12 Prince and Cloud Beast sub-ohm tanks are the only devices currently available with Nord coils. However, the air-core coil design makes the Nord coil a great option for any vaper looking for the best of both worlds between flavor and clouds.

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