Nord Coils; Understand The Significance Of Coils In Vaping!

Nord Coils; Understand The Significance Of Coils In Vaping!

The Nord pod vape from SMOK is a multipurpose device. It is similar to the Novo in many ways, but it also has some unique advantages of its own. The Nord contains removable coil heads that can be used for direct lung and mouth-to-lung vaping and uses 3 mL pods. Its battery has 1100 mAh capacity and a maximum power output of 15 watts. The Nord is now offered in 13 different colors and a cobra pattern or resin-style design.

The Design And Quality Of The Nord Coils!

The Nord's body is a little bit bigger and its plastic shell is tougher. It is quite comfy in my hand and neatly fits in my pocket. The Nord, with dimensions of 94 x 30 x 18.8 mm and a weight of roughly 80 grams, is twice as heavy as the Novo.

It is only 8 mm taller, 6 mm broad, and 4 mm thicker than its little sister, but it weighs more and has a battery life that is longer than the majority of pod vapes by more than twice. Overall, the building seems solid and long-lasting. The device's bottom houses the USB charging port.

By pressing a button, the SMOK Nord is controlled. It could explode in your pocket if you forget to turn it off when it's not in use. This has happened to everyone I've discussed it with at least once. When I slept with it in my pocket, I awoke to a burned coil.

A Sneak Peek Into The Nord Pods!

The Nord pods can hold 3 mL of e-juice and have a sturdy plastic casing. There are now four different types of coils available for Nord. The kit comprises 0.6-ohm direct lung mesh coils and 1.4-ohm classic mouth-to-lung coils as opposed to the 0.8-ohm mesh MTL coils and 1.0-ohm ceramic MTL coils, which are available separately.

Unlike the Novo, the Nord Coils may be removed and replaced, potentially extending the life of each pod. To prevent the loss, they have a rubber cap that is simple to remove and stays in place. It's simple to fill the pods; just remember to tilt the container slightly while doing so. If you fold the rubber plug over and hook it under the black portion of the mouthpiece, it will truly remain in place. The fill port is big enough to fit the majority of common dropper bottles.

The pods tuck in very tightly, but they don't exactly "click" into place. The mouthpiece is comfy to wear despite being a little bit bigger and chunkier than the typical vape. The accompanying 1.4-ohm MTL coil performed better with a 50/50 blend when used with 70% VG e-liquid because of the smaller size of its wick holes. It could be able to handle 70/30 VG even though DL coils are better suited for this. I've found that I can use at least 10 to 15 mL per coil head when using the SMOK Nord.

The Performance!

The mesh coil has slight loosening and constriction on the lungs. For example, a JUUL or a regular cigarette is much tighter than an MTL pod, which seems to be slightly looser. I didn't have much of a throat hit even after taking 50 mg of nic salt, which might have something to do with how the airflow was configured.

The amount of vapor produced by the MTL coils is still substantial, and the cloud size will likely be larger than with a standard pod vape. The cloud is still superior to that of a sub-ohm tank but superior to that of 0.4 mesh coils. I get great flavor from both coils up to the fourth or fifth refill. You get a reasonably cool vape because of the excellent airflow and all-around wonderful flavor.

The Battery Life!

By pressing the fire button five times, you can turn the Nord on and off. If you press the fire button twice after the Nord has turned on, three separate LED lights will display the remaining battery life. Once you've finished vaping, don't forget to turn off the device.

The SMOK Nord Coils 1100 mAh battery has a substantial capacity. Before I had to recharge, I could utilize both coils for most of the day. Chain vaping all day might deplete your supplies before dusk, especially if mesh coils are being used. Although a longer cable is required than the one that is provided, pass-through charging is supported.

In The End!

This is a great all-in-one option if you are just starting off with vaping. The Nord is still a great option if you're an experienced vaper seeking a small device that performs on par with a full-sized vape. To anyone searching for a fairly priced pod vape with good flavor and vapor output, I strongly recommend the SMOK Nord.

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