MaxPod Replacement Coils: An Coil Expertise Replacement for your Max Pod Vaporizer

MaxPod Replacement Coils: An Coil Expertise Replacement for your Max Pod Vaporizer

Are you enjoying the throat hits with a  Freemax MaxPod Vaporizer? Do you want your vaping to continue just the way it is? We bet you nodded! To make this happen, you will have to ensure a premium-level coil replacement. For this, nothing corresponds better than the brand's own created replacement coils that are known as the MaxPod Replacement Coils. These are specially designed for the fans of MaxPro vaping tanks so that its consumers remain in a pleasant mood all the while.

In this write-up, let us reveal the extraordinary features of these coils so that you realize their importance to get your favorite vape tank going forever. So, let’s begin...

Understanding the wicking material of MaxPod Replacement Coils

These replacement pieces are very uniquely designed and that is why they go the best with MaxPro tank only. The material used for wick is a mix of organic and flex cotton that essentially absorbs the vape juice in higher concentrations. Consequently, it brings premium textures clouds from the beginning of your cloud hits till the end.

On the whole, the wicking material of MaxPod Replacement Coils is made from 33.4% of Organic Cotton and 66.66% of flex cotton. Together, this combination raises the vaping standards that its users feel blessed about.

The Coil Diameter is outstanding

Unlike other ordinary replacement coils circulated in the market, MaxPod Coils are extravagant because these are constructed on a comparatively bigger inner diameter. As a result, the surface area that comes in contact with the e-juice is larger which means better flavor and size productions of the nicotine clouds.

The material and design of MaxPod Replacement Coils

We have already talked about the wicking material of these coils which contributes to their overall structure. Now, let us talk about the honeycomb mesh that is used to complete these coils with a perfect structure. This supports a fantastically flavored cloud hits even at low wattages. Equipped with FM SaltCoil Tech 2.0, these unquestionably ensure you supreme nicotine bangs. Get ready to give your taste buds the ultimate swirl of the flavor you love. Additionally, there won’t be any greasy after-feeling on the tongue after you finish.

Moreover, these are designed on the latest ‘plug-and-play’ installation mode, making the replacement quick and easy. So, even if the requirement of replacing the coil comes in the middle of your pleasant vaping mood, it’ll just take a minute or two to get back to it.

It offers the freedom to choose between the resistances that suit your vaping style the best

These high-tech build vape coil structures are not ordinary as they bring two options for its consumers to select from. This is to meet the demands of every kind of vaper when it comes to Direct Lung Vaping. You have two kinds of coil resistances to select from- One is 1 Ohm While the other is 1.5 Ohm.

Furthermore, you can use these with both- 70:30 or 50:50 VG/PG ratios. These ago best with salt-based nicotine of whichever strength you like.

 The Key Specifications of MaxPod Replacement Coils

  •   Available in two resistances i.e. - 1.0 Ohm and 1.5 Ohm
  •   Organic and Flax wicking material
  •   Honeycomb mesh structure
  •   Easy plug–and–play installation
  •   FM SaltCoilTech 2.0 used
  •   Designed for Freemax MaxPod 11W system
  •   Comes in a pack of 5

 The Takeaway

To conclude, MaxPod  Replacement Coils is an apt option to consider for giving a better life to your Freemax Max Pod tank. This combination equated to a refreshing and unforgettable vaping escapade. These coils are explicitly designed for MTL vaping and in terms of DL vaping, they support the cigarette kind of flow. So, these are not designed for Sub-Ohm vaping. Replace them when you feel your throat hits are beginning to give an unpleasant flavor or texture, or you get a gurgling sound.

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